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Re: Hot pursuit remastered controller not working

by ustunab

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Hot pursuit remastered controller not working

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I played for 3 hours yesterday using an Astro C 40. Today with no changes i cannot play with controller. Origins lousy support will not answer my question. Below are the steps i have taken.


Game was bought on steam and i have EA access.

I uninstalled and reinstalled from both platforms with no change. 

I deleted the cache from Origin 

Confirmed the controller software is up to date

tested the controller on NFS Heat and it works fine

Tested on another windows profile with full admin rights and get same issue

I have fully shut down my computer and restarted several times

I have attempted to delete all NFS files including my save file to no success


What can you guys help me with that support cannot?

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Re: Hot pursuit remastered controller not working

Community Manager

Thanks for the post. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with this controller myself, but hopefully we can figure this out.

What happens when you try to use it? Is it just non-responsive or is it acting strangely?

Are you using it wired or wired, and does changing that have any effect? Does Windows recognize it as an xinput controller or something else? I'm not familiar with the config software, but does this have the option to toggle to xinput?

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Re: Hot pursuit remastered controller not working

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I have the controller plugged in when launching the game. I tried both an Astro C40 (Xbox configuration) and a PS4 controller. Both do not appear to be working on the opening screen as the only option to continue is space and when i go into the gameplay setting under controls there is no other controls listed other than keyboard. The game itself is not recognizing the controllers. I have NFS Heat, Most Wanted, Payback among other games from EA on my computer that work just fine. 


The really crappy part is spending over 12 hours with your support team yesterday and being told that Controllers are not supported. I even had one rep give me instructions for another title and mention that i was on Xbox. I know that there is not much you can do about how absurdly low the community thinks of your support but if they would just listen more then the could change that easily.


To more clearly answer your question the controllers are non-responsive all together. I tried a wired connection with both and the Astro also has a wireless dongle so I tried that as well. For the Xinput there is no toggle in the game for it. Im not even able to map my controller as the game does not even recognize it. 

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Re: Hot pursuit remastered controller not working

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Hello, I am having this same exact issue too.  Using a Windows 10 gaming PC.  I use a wired XBox 360 controller.  It works fine on other NFS games purchased via Origin.  It also works without a hitch on many other games that I play via Origin and games via Steam.  Can't this issue be escalated to the developers of this game?  There's probably a registry entry that needs to be edited or a conflict with another running process or service?  I am a computer technician so with experience with modifying the registry. I am aware of the dangers with modifying the registry and know how to be careful.  I used to use this game controller with this game before on the same PC with Windows 10.  The only thing I can think of that changed since then is I have an ASUS gaming keyboard and mouse so I am running the latest version of Asus Armoury Crate.

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Re: Hot pursuit remastered controller not working

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I solved this problem using my controller with usb-c cable. Please fix it. 

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