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EA, please fix the laggy steering

by Mike885

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EA, please fix the laggy steering

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EA, please fix the laggy steering.

Hello, I have a suggestion for fixing the steering in this game, on all versions (console and PC).

The problem is that when steering in the game, the steering input lags, because the game animates the steering wheel inside the cockpit with a predetermined speed. So the control is not in real time 1 : 1.


Could you add joypad, keyboard and steering wheel calibration to the options menu, with options for deadzone, sensitivity, linearity, steering degrees etc.....

Please if it is possible, that EA community manager sends this request to the team that makes the patches for this game, if it is possible ?

It would transform the game to be better. Steering is a critical part of a racing game to do correctly.


Thank you for reading this and please send it to the patch team.

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Re: EA, please fix the laggy steering

Community Manager



Something to check for if you are using a TV as your display:


Make sure your TV is in "Game Mode" as not being in that mode can cause significant perceived input delay.



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Re: EA, please fix the laggy steering

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Thank you for the reply.

I know about the game mode setting on the tv display. I am using a PC monitor. Im sure its not the cause.

The lag is a part of the way the game was made.

If one of you community managers have the ability to send this request to the people in charge at EA of fixing the game, I would be thankfull and the NFS gaming community would also.

Can you please reply if this is possible to do ?

The solution would be to make the steering wheel animation in the game be in real time with the joypad stick control, currently the wheel in the game always steers with the same speed, regardless of the speed the player turns the stick on the controller. That is why to the player this looks like laggy steering and the game is not precise to steer, it feels like driving under the influence or something simmilar.


I think the software team at the game developer will understand the problem, and fix it with a software patch.


Thank you for all the work you do, to you the community managers and also to the development team.


Could I also ask what is the best way to send patch suggestions to the development team, from a gamer ? (what method has the most probability that they will read it and fix it ? )


I am aware that in most cases, videogames get patches for a few months after release, then it stops being patched. (It depends on the publisher and their way of supporting a game after release ).


Thank you for the answers.

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