Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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Why not something a little more simple like the Sentra NISMO?

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Please Add Infiniti's In NFS Heat

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Could you guys please add the Infiniti G35 and G37 into Need For Speed Heat?!?!?! The VQ scene is huge, especially in the west. Notorious VQ's is a popular club for example. I feel that would be a huge bonus for the game!


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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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I think what matters is not specifically what cars are going to take part in the game but how much balance exists between the amount of Japanese European or American cars are taking part in the game.


Personally I feel like adding more old school 80's-90's cars from what ever region  would be a good Idea and mainly the reason why am pointing out such a suggestion is because of the fact that racing games nowadays tend to throw you in the action straight from the beginning and you ll find your self using a high-end super car once you got in the game. That is a feature that I don't like anymore I really missed the rewarding progress of the old NFS games where you start as a nobody with a low-end car and then you get to the top !


As for cars sadly a good variety of TOYOTA cars are going to be missing from the game since the game supports the illegal street races and TOYOTA mentioned that they don't want to be part of that.Also if TOYOTA isn't part of this party means LEXUS won't be here as well. For now I have to give more attention to Mazda which for some reason they only added 3 cars  I mean ok RX7 and mx5's are a must have in the game but where is the Mazdaspeed 3 or any other Mazda?


Now for EU cars it's pretty depressing to see how many Lambos, Porche and BMW's are in there and yet they added only 2 Audi's 3 Aston Martins and for some weird reason 1 Alfa Romeo. I won't get my hands on the other companies but I would prefer to have at least 5 cars from each of the companies and have more car companies added in the game. At least for that we can hope for later update's after the game comes out !


As for Americans I feel like there is a balance between the companies and the cars but Ford takes the lead having more cars than the other companies.


Over all personally am a bit skeptical about the game and having a racing game with that type of list well it almost feels like we be starting the game with a super car and moving our way up to.. I don't know probably a missile. It would be impossible but I really hope to see an update of the car list before the game comes out !     


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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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EA, please try and get Toyota on board for this.  Toyota has been a big backbone in this whole car scene. The nostalgia alone is incredible.  From the Celica 2000 GT, TE27, AE86, Celica GT-Four, 7M supra, Aw11 Mr2, A80 Supra.  To many icons that need to be utilized.

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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1999 mitsubishi eclipse GS-T or GSX 1998 (Nfs Underground vapor bodykit and Edición ELITE Nfs WORLD) 

1997 toyota supra

2006-2012 mitsubishi eclipse GT (Nfs MostWanted- Undercover ps2 and Wii VERSIÓN bodkits)

1997 mitsubishi 3000gt

2013 Lamborghini VENENO

2007 Lamborghini REVENTON

2015 Koenigsegg Agera RS

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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@RAULMADERO289 Be realistic,no Toyota this time
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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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@the4guyz That's up to Toyota not EA,if Toyota says no,theres nothing EA can do to force Toyota return to NFS
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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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@MECCNR SLR is tricky,McLaren has the license to it,but they refuse to accept it as a McLaren project for the conflict between Mc and Merc during development
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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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@01Silver10 I highly doubt EA will add RUF with Porsche already in the list,RUF was the go to brand for non-EA games when Porsche-EA exclusive deal was a thing,now the exclusive deal is done,most game(including EA's own)will stick to Porsche
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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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Hope to Add:

Audi RS7 (2016)

BMW M5 E60
BMW M6 F13
BMW M8 Coupe

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Koenigsegg Agera RS

Koenigsegg One-1

 Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package

Maserati Ghibli GranLusso

Mercedes CLS63 AMG (2015)

Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series

Subaru WRX STI (2018)

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