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I take issue with a bunch of the choices for their ingame car list. dozens of them are duplicate cars or different versions like most of the Lamborghinis on the list. which use different models entirely for the same car slot that could have been used for better choices. specifically in Ferraris case you have two 488s and two 458s where a better choice in either of those duplicate slots could be the California, 599 GTB, maybe an F12? any variety aside from 4 slots taken by functionally the same car. They split up the roadster variants with the regulars except for the C7 corvette which has it as a roof option which means it seems like the others are selectively inflating the list and completely redundant from an asset production capacity limitation. Lack of performance mustang but two classic mustangs and two performance camaros? thats just weird. '14 challenger why? Vulcan? 2 audis and 14 BMWs? P1 and P1 GTR? 2 imprezas, 2 Lancers, 2 Miatas, 6! 2018 911 variants.

I never want to hold devs to an unreasonable standard with stuff like car lists. But this is just wacky. You could reasonably cut or roll together 30 of these slots and it would affect nothing. I'm unsure if they got a slot limit and then filled it this way for asset corner cutting reasons (except not really in some cases), or they just threw darts at a board because this list is just flat out bizarre for this type of game.

Edit: Why even bother with classes if you're going to do stuff like having the P1 and P1 GTR in the same class? Just Homologate the whole list to a performance index for racing and separate the offroaders. It may become more clear once we get the game but I fail to see what possible function this bloat could conceivably serve.

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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Mazda RX-8 would be absolutely stunning

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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Cars I hope to see in NFS Heat:

  • Jaguar E-type series 1
  • Bugatti veyron
  • Aston Martin Vanquish
  • Aston Martin DB9
  • Aston Martin Vantage
  • Ferrari 360 Moderns

I would be really happy and excited if these cars were put into the game and it would possibly persuade me to buy it


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Just asking, NFS Heat

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Have you been asking Toyota to add the new Supra inn NFS Heat. And will Opel ever come back inn a NFS game?

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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Since NFS will turn 25, why not include "EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE" from every game in it as well.

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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Corvette 2020

maserati granturismo mc stradale 


ferrari 812

ferrari f12

ferrari portofino

ferrari california


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New cars

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Can we please get the wide body dodge Daytona 2020 charger srt, an at least the demon an hellcat challenger also red eye an hellaphant engine swap why cant we get these they are a part of the cars we love you give a police charge but not the one to customize an race I love American muscle an super cars why no lycan also that's just a question I have been waiting on one of these please

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McLAren F1 LM

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I hope that one car will be added in the game it's (McLAren F1 LM) please add this car it wasn't there when i saw the car list and i was disappointed so can you please add it?

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Car Wishlist

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BMW M3 E92


If this car is in the game, it would win me over. EA have made some good picks so far but I hope this is one they will consider. A great addition to the car wishlist. I'm sure this would get a lot of attention!

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