NFS Heat server unable connection

by AlanCz27

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NFS Heat server unable connection

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Hello to the unhealthy Electronics Art team and something like this has happened to me. Yesterday the game still worked normally for me, it's Need for Speed ​​Heat. How to Xbox Series. I'll be happy to send you a picture. Yesterday it worked normally when the game started and normally loaded online and today it just doesn't work and it just tells me that you can't connect purely online mode. I do not understand why the error must be on your part network latency is 25mb / s in a family house where I use the router myself and the problem occurs to me through both cable and wireless connection and wired did not help reset the router or update xbox and the only one who is wifi connected  me

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Re: NFS Heat server unable connection

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There are multiple possible reasons you are seeing that 'unable to connect' message, check the following link for info, thanks.

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