Re: Ea i lost some multiplayer campaign data

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Ea i lost some multiplayer campaign data

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I was playing multiplayer rp level 21 went to my safehouse and I closed my game and the next day I opened NFS heat the next day I was down to rp level 15 and had to do race Nari and stuff again this happened 3 times can U please help 

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Re: Ea i lost some multiplayer campaign data

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Hey @eb12power 


Would it be possible to get more information on this?


  • Platform:
  • PSN ID/Gamertag:
  • Are you getting an error message?
  • Which modes does this happen in?
  • Does this happen when loading into a specific more or performing an action in a mode?
  • Does this happen to any other account on the device?
  • How long are you playing until this happens?
  • Are you playing from the device's internal storage or an external drive?
  • What type of network are you using? (Wired, Wireless, Hotspot)
  • Is anything else happening?
  • Please share any steps you've tried to far to resolve the issue:
  • If possible, share a Screenshot or Clip...
  • If on PC, please share a DxDiag and an EA app Error ID



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