100 wrap limit is too small

by SK3L3T0NN

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100 wrap limit is too small

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I'm sure that not everyone has this passion to gather all the cars in the game, but for the few of us I think there needs to be a higher wrap limit. I understand that for certain size limitations and performance issues within the garage it is better to have only 100 wraps as a limit. But, considering that the base game has 127 ( I think ) cars and more coming soon. Having a limit of 100 wraps is really annoying, I can't even respray my cars because I have so many and there is no reason for me to try make an amazing build. I feel like the limit should be moved up to 150 or at least 125, just a small improvement would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 100 wrap limit is too small

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@SK3L3T0NN totally agree, no limit would good for me even though I only have 59 cars now
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Re: 100 wrap limit is too small

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200 or 250 Should be the limit

And unlike in payback, it doesn't warn you until you run out!

no to mention the sync/server issues already present for many with over 100 cars which needs to be fixed

@speedracer523 wrote:

I've already mentioned QUITE a few bugs before that HAVEN'T been FIXED, addressed, or acknowledged YET.


Here's some of them, most of which have been POSTED about in the forums and the devs SHOULD know about IF THEY are doing things right.



1. WRAPS are still limited to 100 save slots without warning!


(Note: This is all the same car.)


When there are more than 100 cars, it isn't enough for ALL of them!!! Not even enough for all the ones in the app alone (116)! You can't expect us to leave cars unpainted and unwrapped!

INCREASE THIS to at least 250 so we can PAINT AND WRAP MORE CARS! You can have 116 wraps/paints/decals for the app, but you can't import them all into the game!



2. Rainbow NOS still isn't rainbow, just Pearl/White!!!

NeedForSpeedHeat 2019-12-23 01-58-22-08.png




It was RAINBOW in payback, and A COLLECTABLE here, so WHY isn't this fixed?




3. Missing Ferrari Customisations after 1.5 are still missing WITHOUT EXPLAINATION!!!!!


(No interaction points for the carnards, etc. GIVE IT BACK!)







4. Defender lights bug still not fixed!



MX5 with this bumper/diffuser combo still doesn't have flames...


(Note: A45 driver feet issue has been fixed, just these two MAJOR ones – 'flintstones' cars are at least funny, these are majorly distracting)


5. Remapping arrow keys for driving still causes weird behaviour in garage - no separate rev car option just for garage!







6. Low gpu usage and high cpu usage sometimes leading to low FPS (2/3 of normal)!



As you can see, my fps is not as high as it should be, mainly happening right around loading of assets, but quite often persists as well.


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Re: 100 wrap limit is too small

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Currently have 112, and you can imagine my struggle, because I love all my cars and I want all of them to look good not just 100 of them

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Re: 100 wrap limit is too small

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nice amount of cars, yes that will be major problem for me in a short while, I also want all my cars to look unique and have different graphic designs.

So I hope the Dev's bring the garage graphic design limit up higher.

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Re: 100 wrap limit is too small

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I wish that somebody would create a mod that extends the wrap limit. It seems like nobody wants to create one though.

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Re: 100 wrap limit is too small

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I want more wrap limit too about 300 for me about the amount I want, but it looks like they not planning on increasing since it still 100 wrap limit to this day.

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Re: 100 wrap limit is too small

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Same here man you cant even deleting them like bro what's

the point of keeping the slots our console have screen shots for a reason 

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Re: 100 wrap limit is too small

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I agree,  to add to this conversation...now that the single player and Multi-player are separate in terms of data and progression.  I STRONGLY believe that the amount of wraps one can make should be at least DOUBLED to 200, 100 for each mode individually instead of only 100 shared between the two.

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