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Traits progress not unlocking NBA LIVE 18

by benton4013

Original Post

Traits progress not unlocking NBA LIVE 18

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Playing nba live 18 i have encountered a trait issue with the superstart trait not unlocking qhen objectives have been met. Ive recycled my power and modem and even deleted my gamertag to see if it would fix it and it doesnt attatched below is a pic of the problem i have ebcountered please fix this asap this gane is better than 2k but 2k never had badg problems
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UPDATE: Traits and Progression Issues with NBA Live 18 (EA Chat)

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UPDATE from a Support Chat I have with an EA Advisor on 12/29/17:


Suraj: Thanks for contacting EA Help, my name is Suraj. How may I assist you today?
you: hello
you: im having issues with progression
you: Trait Progress and upgrading
you: NBA Live 18
Suraj: Please do not worry, I will assist you with the best of my knowledge.
Suraj: Hi there! Can I have your name so I can address you properly? Standard smile
you: <encrypted>
Suraj: Hello, Nice to meet you.
you: nice to meet u 2 suraj
Suraj: Thanks , This is basically the syncing issue .I request you to please try some troubleshooting steps to fix this issue.
you: i have tried all of the issues in the forum and help guides but nothing fixed this.
you: i even reset my player as well but no good results
you: anything u can do on ur side to fix?
Suraj: have you tried to delete the saves ?
you: no thats my save file!!!!
you: others on the EA forum have tried the same thing and ended up with the same issue once they reach level 60 or unlock the superstar trait
you: I am convinced this is not a "synching" issue
you: if this is the case then several thousand users are having this "synching" issue
you: possibly more
Suraj: Let me check .
you: ok
Suraj: I am sorry to keep you waiting for long. I really appreciate your patience.
you: np
Suraj:I would like to share that some players are facing this issue and we are aware of this . This will be fixed soon , We haven't received any confirmation about it but I hope till the next update .
Suraj: I am taking a note of this issue and hope it get's fixed soon .
you: I hope so to
you: it really keeps me from playing this game and I love playing nba live 18
you: do you have an estimate of when the next update will be available?
Suraj: We haven't received any confirmation about the dates but please keep an eye on forums and our page . You will get a reply there from moderators soon and also post this to forums too .
you: ok will do!!
Suraj: May I know if there is anything else that I may help you with? I'll be glad to help you.
you: the progression issue is the only topic I wanted assistance with
you: thnk u!
Suraj: The Ea family wishes you holidays filled with fun, laughter and best wishes for prosperous new year.
Suraj: You are most welcome.
you: Have a safe and Happy New Year as well!!
Suraj: I hope it gets fixed soon , Thank you for contacting Ea help. Take care and goodbye Standard smile
Suraj: Thanks a lot .
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Re: Traits progress not unlocking NBA LIVE 18



Thread was wrongly placed in the Battlefield 1 section. I've moved it to the NBA LIVE 18 section.

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Re: Traits progress not unlocking NBA LIVE 18

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Ty for moving it i couldnt see nba live 18 in any of the games
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Nba live 18 traits not progressing

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I have been reading a lot of complaints on this issue. I will like to advice this problem should be solved, because I believe it can cause a lot of gamers abandon your game for your rival. I personally have spent hours just to level up and play online but after all my hard work I'm stuck with this problem. I have realised it starts when u unlock the superstar trait.
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Not getting credit for Trait upgrades

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I just got done playing a career mode game and I completed the tasks to complete 2 traits to make them gold and I did not get credit for what I accomplished in my career mode game. I need 12 more dunks to get the gold dunk badge and 8 more open 3’s for the open 3 badge but they need not credit me for these accomplishments. PS4 console please advise.
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Re: UPDATE: Traits and Progression Issues with NBA Live 18 (EA Chat)

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Has there been any update to this? I'm having this issue 4 weeks after this conversations post date.
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Re: UPDATE: Traits and Progression Issues with NBA Live 18 (EA Chat)

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No. I have this problem as well going on 4 weeks and still no fix. Im on xbox and it says our servers are down still are you on xbox as well?

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Re: UPDATE: Traits and Progression Issues with NBA Live 18 (EA Chat)

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Ya what in the actual heck EA! What do you mean you hope it gets fixed soon????? you have a dedicated Dev. and programming team how is this not something that is being worked on or at least has a freaking time frame??? Soon??? That makes absolutely no sense and that convo above was trash nothing was accomplished. i normally have way to much going on in my life to care about a video game but when u spend your money with a multi billion dollar company you expect professionalism! SOON??? is not professional heck i could of had that convo!  

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Re: UPDATE: Traits and Progression Issues with NBA Live 18 (EA Chat)

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I'm still waiting on an EA moderator to reply to the original post, but that has not happened yet....smh

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