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Trait Progress and upgrading

by Crittz11589

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Trait Progress and upgrading

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I have been having issues with traits upgrading, several traits say that all of the tasks have been completed and the next level of the trait is progressing yet I don't actually have the trait... Also the traits reset after every single game going back to what they were before that game. I have seen and heard several people having the same issue and posting this issue yet nothing has been said or done about it from anyone at EA. I'm going pre order either NBA Live or 2k18 based on this issue if its fixed ill get Live if not im getting 2K18. The whole point of the game is progressing for attributes and traits. Would be like never getting a badge of any kind in 2K.

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Nba live trait issue

★★★★ Novice

I unlocked statement dunker silver and now it seems to be stuck and i cant earn gold version the requirements are complete 30 dunks and its stuck at 19/30 also have a dunk rating of 82 and mines and 983 and the bar isnt filled

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Traits stuck progressing not changing after each game?

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Re: Nba live trait issue

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i'VE been having the same issue with alot of different traits has anyone figured this out

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Post Repitoire Trait Wont Progress

★★★★ Novice

In all cases, this trait has been stuck at bronze since the last update. it does not record any of the moves made from Post Spin or Drop Step at all, the marker stays 0/10. Please fix this, i appreciate you guys listening so i will do my all to keep on bringing information when i see it

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Nba live 18 keeps freezing after game in The League One

★★★★ Novice
I just bought this game and it's freezing after every season game in The League One now I can no longer get upgrades or earn traits. Any suggestions?
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No level 21 trait unlock

★★★★ Novice
I got to level 21 and I didn't get my skill point or my level 21 trait unlock.
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3rd trait not unlocking/ final skill point

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This is just infuriating. I'm level 60 and my 3rd trait has yet to unlock. This is also keeping me from getting the extra skill point i need to fully upgrade one of my primary skills. Can anyone help me?
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Re: Post Repitoire Trait Wont Progress

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Yea I have the dunk trait and I have 69/75 for silver but I go back and check knowing for sure I made dunks and it doesn't change and stays stuck
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Same...After I unlocked the superstar trait everything seemed to glitch (meaning the traits) and now they are not upgrading...
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