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Nba Live 19 Wishlist

by Alldunks1

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Nba Live 19 Wishlist

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★★★★ Novice

1. We Need to be able to Customize the shoes colorways. And we should Also wear those customized colored shoes to the League, And the Streets.


2.  we need a pro am where you can customize your jersey and courts. Need more courts. you should bring the old courts from Live 16 and bring them to Live 19, like the Terminal 23.


3. In Nba Live 19 we need a practice mode for our my players.


4. Nba live 19 should have a story mode where you are playing in high school and choosing a college, and then play in college, go through the draft combine to improve your draft stock, and then get drafted to the NBA, play your summer league and then play your NBA.  We should have cool cutsecenes regarding that


5.  Need more animations. Period. There just wasn't enough animations. Jump shots looked the same and there was too many players online with the same animations. 


6. injuries should be occurring in the one but no cheese.


7.getting Reward points of of Endorsement


5. 5v5 Pro Am online. 5 minute 4 quarters with the actually pro am jerseys for each court or custom jerseys. for an example if we had an online pro am against other human players in the Drew League, then we should be able to wear the Drew League Jerseys Online. 


6When we are drafted to any team, whether we are the first pick or the a top 5 pick. it shouldn't change the actual draft order. we should still play with the same rookies that were drafted to that exact team as well. For and example, if i was drafted 3rd to Boston. Tatum shouldn't go to another team because i got drafted there, we should still be able to play together. basically  how 2k17 was.


7.  For additions for The One, you guys should add the Draft combine where we can improve our draft stock it should also not go to 21 because that doesn't make sense. instead instead it should be 5 minute 4 quarters and play at least 3 or four games, playing against real generated rookies and  generated players. There also should be a summer league where you can play over the summer, which should also be 5 minute 4 quarters.


8. Please do not bring Micro transaction to the game unless it is for Reward points, not for Skill points.


10. There needs to be a change in the Archetype System, first if we need to be able to choose our positions, not let the Archetypes choose for us. and also the Skill points system. i really didn't like the way you only need like 60 skill points to max out your character. what i am saying is that the skill point system was a little to easy, it should be a little bit harder to maximize your player but at the same time a fun experience. It should be a little mixture of Live 16 and Live 18 as far as the Skill Points.


11.  If we are bringing Archetypes back to Live 19. We need more Archetypes for Different positions


12. We should be able to maximize our players the way we want to. we should be allowed to choose skills we want for our player. ex. If we have a wing scorer, we should be able to put in three pointer to our list and for big men as well. just make the archetypes have their own meaning and freedom.


13.  Need to be able to edit our wingspan and our shoulder width.


14 .Add King Of The Court


15. Need to Change the way the Jump shots are in the game.They look the same and they look weird


16. Need more Dunk Animations, Alley oops, Layup animations.


17. Add Alley oop posterizes. Also add put back posterizes. Add more alley oop animations. but don't cheese it.


18. Fix the Substitution manual. we shouldn't have to call a time out just to make substitutions, you guys should do it the way 2K does it. but not exactly


19. When we miss out on a live event and we miss out the clothing, and etc, we should be able to purchase using our RP.


20. When were in the 4th quarter, and it is a close game, we shouldn't have our star players or good/ decent players sit on the bench if we need them in the clutch. ex. I am in the  Western Conference Finals against the Warriors, Three point game, 2 minutes left, and my players are on the bench and they're not even fouled out of the game. same goes for the Warriors, the only star player on that court was Stephen Curry And Both KD, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green Weren't even fouled out of the game.


21. You guys need to add a 2k like camera angle. better yet add more camera angles. the ones this year are not good


22. Love the hairstyles this year, keep adding newer and fresher hairstyles into the game.


23. For The One, while we are playing in the league, we should be able to change our jerseys to alternates or classic jersey.


24. For animations we shouldn't be limited to animations just because of your position, except your a Power Forward or Center. i should be able to have my SF have handles like a guard and layup packages like a guard. Everyone should have freedom to get all the animations whether the position is a guard or not. I have a SF and if he has a high dribble rating than i should be able to have handles like a guard and finishes like a guard as well if he has a high finishing rating. Do like the way NBA live 16 was with the animations. no matter what position, we all had the chance to get an animation we like without it being locked because we are not that position. Same thing for Dunks, And Jumpshots


25. The Dribbling animations, It should be the way 2k is, like we can choose our crossovers and in and outs, behind the back,  between the legs, and combos.


26. We should be able to customize our faces in the game, other than use the preset faces in the game. We should be able to edit and change our facial structures, eye color, nose shape, ear structure, and etc.


27. No matter what archetype nor playstyle we choose, we should be able to get blocks in games. not only the defensive playstyles. Ex. I have a wing scorer who can't even block a shot even though he had a perfect opportunity and the opponent was 6 foot and my dude go there on time. We should have freedom when it comes to blocking the way 2k lets players have freedom( when it comes to blocking). it shouldn't only occur if your a defensive player only.


28. We need to have more control over our players.


29. Gotta get rid of the stiffness in the game.


30.  Add positions to the game(Very Easy).


31. When we play in the streets, we should be able to recruit and choose players that we want to be in our squad.


32. For Gear, we should be able to obtain compression shirts/ long sleeve.





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Re: Nba Live 19 Wishlist

★★★★ Newbie
I definitely agree with more courts to play on in live run, and I also agree with a practice mode for our player💯
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Re: Nba Live 19 Wishlist

★★★ Newbie

I agree with all of this but I have a few of my own.

1. The mechanics are kinda unrealistic like how trying to dribble passed someone you keep bumping chest or what not 

2. The layups be very contested and go in with no problem or how you have a 6'6 guard being lightly guarded by a 6'0 guard & he's missing layups a toddler could make

3. The shot meter makes no sense at all I miss Green and hit in the middle of the meter it just makes no sense

4. With The one players let us upgrade all skills and not just those 4 primary & 2 secondary that leaves players strong in some areas & very weak in the rest 

5. Also in the one mode we should be able to sub players and have more control of our team as far as requesting players and trading 

6. Bring back the Dunk Contest and 3 point shoot out

 I got alot more just had a brain fart

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Re: Nba Live 19 Wishlist

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I agree with everything you said
chase down blocks should happen more often
more freelance movement
more user control over blocks, rebounds & keeping the ball in one hand
head to head with friends
shooting should be a lil more difficult
make the court bigger it feels tight & crowded
height & zoom baseline camera options
add more jerseys & classic teams would be great
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Re: Nba Live 19 Wishlist

★★★★ Novice

Also, this bs when you can't get past or do anything against an opponent.  Game winners are bull *. In game fouls are bull *, how you can't stop anyone in the league is bull *. Fix or I'm going back to 2k plain and simple. This is some * *!!!!! Ea you guts should have this mastered already damn!!!


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Re: Nba Live 19 Wishlist

★★★★ Novice

Also to many turnovers, every * game. I can't even make a * simple pass without it getting intercepted. That's bull * dude. Tired of EA at this * point. We dont need an arcade basketball game!!!!

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