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Re: NBA live 18 speed does not matter

by boxcart2

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NBA live 18 speed does not matter

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NBA Live 18 in this game there is no separation of speed between the slower and faster players in the league in the open court. It takes your players way to long to get from the back to front court even if he is the fastest player on the floor. This allows for the person you are guarding to get back and set up for a wide open shot before you get back. Now some would say you have a trait to get you backed on defensive faster . My answer to that is if I'm a 94 in speed and the other is a 79 and we are both running full speed to the other side of the court who should get there first. Players are being handicapped for some reason and it makes this game so un-enjoyable to play. Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions to make it better let me know
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Re: NBA live 18 speed does not matter

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This is a very annoying issue EA. A big at 70 speed should not be moving shoulder to shoulder with a guard who has an 85 speed rating.
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Re: NBA live 18 speed does not matter

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Can EA just give back my money and never again make a basketball game?



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Re: NBA live 18 speed does not matter

★★★★ Novice you do all that work to get ur player to a 93 and a perdon 76 is still equal pace ( shooting, rebounding etc, etc) takes u 3 seasons to get full up and its all for nothing...and why does my pg out rebound my center...smdh
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