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NBA Live 18 trait objectives bug

by iamemtuu

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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Xbox one
February 3, 2018 1432

My traits are not progressing once I reached level 60. This is very frustrating because I do really enjoy this game but what’s the point of playing if my traits will not progress? An immediate solution would be greatly appreciated.

Derrik Moe
[edit: email address removed]
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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

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I agree, once we earned allstar super star nothing is registering. Please review the all star game bug may be there.
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Still waiting to speak with you @EA_Roger would really appreciate your acknowledgment it's been a ridiculous amount of time now since I first reported the issue to EA and requested to speak with you.


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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Ok @EA_Roger seems you have disappeared on me... here's another one for you...
THE GOODMAN LEAGUE TOURNAMNET on Pro Am - I have completed the "set a screen that leads to an open shot" objective so many times it's ridiculous!!! Never registers on the achievements no matter how "open" I am - or how many times I complete it! I have even captured footage where it clearly says in green "successfully set screen" then instantly afterwards "OPEN 3 POINTER" yet still nothing!!! These have been done using my created player as well as many times using team members - no matter which way I do this it NEVER registers!

I'm guessing "yet another bug" that is not being fixed by EA!

So now once again all the hours invested in trying to complete ALL PRO AM objectives is also a waste of my time - if I will never be able to complete them no matter how many times I do it!...

How can EA release a game that is not working properly and after months & months of the complaints and SO MANY issues just ignore it and not fix it or have the common curtosy to SPEAK to paying customers directly (on the phone) to acknowledge & resolve their complaint...

I fail to see how this isn't a breach of the consumer act & a trading standards issue... ROGER PLEASE SPEAK WITH ME ABOUT THIS... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH... THERE IS NO EXCUSE NOW TO KEEP IGNORING THIS... If you aren't going to, then can someone else at EA speak to me instead... Thanks
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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It’s clear nobody at EA plays this game, as this bug occurs anytime that you unlock bronze superstar, it should not be hard at all to replicate.
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Gamertag: [edit: email address removed]

Platform:Xbox one

Stuck on:open three,screen diver,draw foul and many others which should have been unlocked!!

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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

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Same for me
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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I noticed that @salsoleto mentioned getting the superstar trait and that causing the problem and I believe that is my issue as well. After I received it I haven’t ranked up strait since.
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Good luck getting them to help. Still waiting on my call back
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Re: NBA Live 18 trait objectives bug

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I can't believe they still sell NBA Live 18 as a working game. I want a refund. First you guys sell a defective game then make people jump through hoops to fill out an issue report in hopes they go away and forget about the way EA views and treats their product consumers. If you had an 800 # I'd call and make a supervisor explain how they can knowingly sell a defective product? EA can't say they don't know about this buggy game just Google the issue. They say it's fixed but never actually fix it. If I didn't know better I'd call that false advertising and bait and switch tactics that Wed expect from a shady car trunk salesman. Get it together EA. Btw quit messing with Madden I guys are ruining what used to be a good game.
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