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NBA Live 18 trait objectives bug

by iamemtuu

Original Post

Superstar trait

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My superstar trait is stuck at bronze. I've won 70 games and should be Silver. So what can I do you fix this issue?
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

Community Manager
Hello @Showfa82,

First of all you don't need to apologise, from my perspective this isn't a rant, I can see that you are passionate about the game which is why we are the ones who should be apologising.

I've reviewed your contact with Patrick and he is the reason why we have reopened the investigation in the first place. I've also been able to gain access to the information requested above, namely the timestamp thanks to the information you provided when you contacted us.

I'm truly sorry about your experience on this game, this really isn't our intention, we don't want passionate players as yourself to feel shunned to the side. Our team are looking into this and attempting to find the root cause of the issue to get to the bottom of this. In order to do so we need to reproduce the issue on our end and make sure it no longer occurs. Which is why we've asked you for the information above, thanks for providing that.

I also understand if you aren't on twitter, that's OK, neither am I. If you keep an eye on this topic I'll update it as soon as I have more information on this.



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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Hi Roger

Thanks for your message on here, although I still would like to actually speak with you personally directly.

I appreciate this may take some time for "a fix" to be done, but given how long it's been going on for already - it seems somewhat unrealistic to imagine this will be resolved anytime soon....

Considering I have "wasted" many hours of my time (only god knows how many) - regardless of when or even if this gets fixed by the developers at EA - as far as I am concerned I should be compensated for this ridiculous inconvenience (as should many others I'm sure).

So I would please like to discuss this further with you, surely this game has been released prematurely and has not been "fit for purpose" given that it does not record the gamers progress correctly - which I would expect is actually a trading standards issue.

I hope this request is not ignored. I will look forward to hearing your response, please contact me directly.

Kind Regards

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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Hi roger, I am experiencing this issue as well. 


My gamer tag is : BBIIBearIIBB


Time stamp 1/31/18 8:30 am (CST)


Can you please fix this i would not want this to hinder my experience with EA as it has been suffering tremulously lately. I have already stopped playing Madden and am close to not playing Fifa and NHL as well. This is my first experience with NBA Live and i have loved it so far but this has completely turned around my opinion due to the fact that now i am not sure if it is a worthy investment ever again. Please help. 

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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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How long will I have to wait for a response?
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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I've been having trouble as well. Should have unlocked or made progress toward several traits.
Time: 1/28/18 - 1/31/18
Platform: xbox
Gamertag: AssasSaiyan

Sorry not a specific timestamp, but I didn't think to check the time when I hit a glitch..
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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One thing that may not have been mentioned:
Prior to getting the error it shows trait progression after each game at the game breakdown screen.
After getting the glitch (either upon unlocking superstar trait or hit lvl 60) the trait progression screen shows all traits as GOLD icons, meaning the can't advance any further, regardless of whether or not they are actually at level 3 in progression. (e.g. my marathoner trait is a silver icon, however post game shows up as gold on progression screen)
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Gamertag: the dharma bums
Platform: Xbox One
Timestamp: Approximately 6:00 PST
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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It Is very upsetting that you request this information without having some semblance of a timeline. or any confirmation of info received and status of the issue, Can we please hear something back?

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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

[ Edited ]
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@EA_Roger @EA_Charlemagne@EA_Mai @EA_Mat @EA_Ant



Platform: XBOX ONE S

Timestamp at which the trait should have been obtained: Superstar Trait was unlocked 12/17/2017


at this point all other traits stopped progressing. I have met objectives of many traits includeng the ones I posted in the original thread.

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