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NBA Live 18 trait objectives bug

by iamemtuu

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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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I'm having same problem like a few others. I don't know when issue was fixed but I've had game for two months and it's been like that. My catch and shoot, free throw,spicy dish, split decision,streaker,sure handles, and super star has been stuck on bronze since I acquired it. Plz fix this for me. Gametag is big5lim77. Thank you
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Re: NBA Live 18 trait objectives bug

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Here could be another piece of info that HOPEFULLY can help in the resolution of this problem I also have had and even chatted with a EA representative, but it lead to the issue still reoccurring.. I was looking at my traits and it shows for the open 2 pointer trait to make 35 open two pointers then for silver it says to make 45 open shots and for gold you have to make 60.. However in the photo that I uploaded is showing for both the silver(45) and the gold (60) is only showing the required amount is 25!??! This could possibly be something that is in cause to the problem!!
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Re: NBA Live 18 trait objectives bug

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I'm having this same issue for months.EA JUST DOESN'T CARE because of the number of complaints. They are just not going to respond neither fix the problem. Soooo We all got stuck with no trait progression. If you want to play online then face the disadvantage because they are not going to fix it. This issue was first reported in September right after the game came out and still not fixed. Don't by the game and do not become an EA member. Their Customer support sucks!
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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I'm experiencing the trait not upgrading after I unlocked it fully how do u fix it?
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Hello again, To EA support member Roger... There seems to be Another bug that may as well be connected with this one we are currently discussing!! On the March 7 Co-Op takedown challenge for the more notable The Chicago Bulls #91 Dennis Rodman jersey crate rewards, I have been waiting for months to Finally complete the win 5 games at "Hoop Dome" in one Go... to unlock the crate with whatever is in it. I won the 5 games and not even 1 game registered or counted towards the win total it just stayed on 0/5!!?!! What could be the deal with this,? Please check into this because the Co-Op takedowns are never at "Hoop Done" this was the first time that I've seen.. Thank You.
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

[ Edited ]
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Hello Roger,
I apologize for being furious over a videogame in which i really like.
Gamertag: WaistlessBear1
Platform: XBox One
Timestamp: March 8th around 2:00 A.M. 2018

On the timestamp and situation, I completed my 25th win in the league with my level 60 rim protector resulting in unlocking the superstar trait.
I then go look at my traits, and decide to go unlock the medium range shooting ability trait, i note that i have 28 until i unlock the trait. I go play a game in pro-am and take plenty and make some mid range shots. When the game was over, it showed whatever traits i had instead of how close i am to unlocking the next trait. I check the mid range trait, the number still at 28.
So i then look at the superstar trait to achieve silver, i have 1 league game win. I play and win a league game, (after the game it just shows what traits I'm using) i check the trait in the menus again, and it is still at 1 game win.

After reading for hours, i have made the assumption that unlocking the superstar trait has locked and prevented progression for every trait for this player.

Best regards,
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Wish I would have found this before hand because it just happened to me as well. The interesting part is that when you finish a game with those items completed, it actually shows them going to gold, but it doesn't when you get out of the game summary.

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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Also, why is this thread marked as Solved? This is hardly solved.
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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ajcksu82 EXACTLY.
I think the "solved" answer is from a response from an EA employee named Roger, who asks for people to give certain information so they can look into it.
Still not solved though.
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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I know that has been showing for me and everybody else probably!! I wish they would look into that part of it too because they might be able to find a solution in that part of the game code or operating system that functions with the end game summaries.. just a thought. This issue is Extremely not SOLVED!?!
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