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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

by Showfa82

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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Has anyone figured out how to solve this issue?

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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Ye, EA support SUCKS!!!

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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

Community Manager



First of all I'd like to apologize for the delayed response here as well as for the experience you've been encountering, I've merged the posts I've found for the users who are encountering this issue. As called out by @Showfa82, we released a fix for this issue however it was brought to our attention that some users are still running into this problem. We've been trying to find the cause of this issue to fix it however at this stage we need more information on your end to be able to do so.


With that in mind could you get back to me with the following information:


GamerTag/ PSN ID:


Timestamp at which the trait should have been obtained:


I fully understand that the last piece of information may be difficult to obtain however it is vital for our investigation, you may remember posting it on AHQ when  you should have unlocked the trait for example.





*Accepting as solution for visibility - issue is still on-going

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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

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Have you gotten any update from them on this?
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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

Community Manager

Hey @salsoleto,


I've recently posted a request for information in this thread, as you can see here. Keeping in mind the fact that this would really help us working towards a resolution, would you have any of this information for us ?





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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

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I'll send it in but I'm not going to wait for you guys to find a solution. I want a refund for this game. I refuse to play it as is. I'm wasting my time if it's not updating properly.

GamerTag/ PSN I'd: I shoot first 1

Platform: Xbox one

Timestamp at which the trait should have been obtained: any time yesterday. None of the traits are updating from the moment I received the superstar trait.
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Dear Roger


Thank you for finally responding to my complaint and post, however to be honest I am very disappointed in EA.


I have invested many hours of gameplay in to this title, as well as in discussing this issues with EA “support” with zero success in actually having anything done about it.


When I first contacted EA “support” I was given “no response” AT ALL - until making a further complaint & calling EA support and speaking with an advisor who to his credit tried his very best to assist me, and was as helpful as he could be given the options he had at his disposal. His level of customer service was excellent, albeit frustratingly restricted to simply making a report to the EA studio.


The advisor I spoke with (named Patrick) was very proactive, and I believe he was willing to do all that he could, yet as much as he was willing - he was just simply unable to do anything further.


He assured me the studio/developers will work hard to fix the issue and I advised him as you had previously stated a “fix was released previously”.
However clearly there are still issues and it’s very disappointing to see that such a “major” flaw in the game is still present after the title released so many months ago, and to be honest this should of been fixed before the game was even released let alone months later - it’s unbelievable that EA expect gamers to “waste” their valuable time and hard work completing the achievements in game, only to not even be able to unlock the upgrades they need to enable them proper “successful & enjoyable” gameplay.


I personally have invested many hours/days/weeks playing the game in all different modes to build my created players skill sets, yet even after doing so my player is unable to do the most simple moves, when my stats should be maxed out or at least very highly graded to improve the standard of my player.


Since getting ZERO actual “support” from EA - I had pretty much abandoned the title - as I did not want to keep being ridiculously frustrated with the game not working correctly, and NOT being unable to do simple tasks in game - as well time and time again completing the very time consuming and difficult challenges with NO REWARD.


I later returned again to see if EA had finally fixed it - which of course they had not - and not even with the latest game update has their been any change to this issue. When playing again, I had no choice but to abandon my previously created player and start ALL OVER AGAIN. I now have my original character plus a newly created player, which so far “seems to be” getting rewarded within the achievements correctly, and being rewarded with the items unlocking (bronze silver and gold traits).


I have since contacted EA’s so called “support” yet AGAIN - to try and update them as well as get updated from EA with “what’s being done about this issue”.  I had the “pleasure” of speaking with an EA rep based in India (apparently he was unable to put me through to the UK or US) who was of ZERO HELP.


I then wasted ALL of my time updating the “delightful” EA “SUPPORT REP” with all the details of the games issue whilst trying to advise EA further of EXACTLY what is happening, and I was simply told that EA studio are dealing with it and will post to Twitter when a fix has been released. I was told that there are too many customers with the complaint to give EA the resources to contact each customer individually so this is as best as they can offer. I explained that I am not even on Twitter and do not see why I should be expected to also try and track any news on there... further wasting more of my time on EA’s faults...


After becoming even more frustrated during the call, I was told I’d been previously emailed by the studio (which I certainly have not) and was then advised if they need any further information they will contact me....


I appreciate that EA can not message every individual, yet fail to see why they think it’s ok for gamers time to be “wasted” in checking twitter feeds to be informed of when this major flaw is fixed.


As far as I’m concerned I think that EA have massively “dropped the ball here” and should do all they can to give their supposed valued customers the acknowledgement they deserve, and compensate them accordingly.


I have already advised ALL the issues in great detail - but would appreciate speaking with yourself directly @EA_Roger


The issue for me is not that the 3rd trait “slot” won’t unlock - but it is the fact that the ranking of the traits (bronze silver & gold) progression are frozen and not unlocking rewards. So my player HAS completed most likely ALL THE ACHIEVEMENTS (after so many hours of gameplay or as close to All as you can get) with barely any unlocked past bronze, with some silver and only 2 gold - which these gold traits are of little use for my player.


My career achievements traits progression “green bars” show some as fully completed, yet have not unlocked the higher rankings SILVER/GOLD as well as some achievements not being recorded AT ALL - for example my player according to the “recorded achievements” may have only completed 7 steals in the “entire career of almost 5 seasons” - yet in reality I have without a doubt completed the maximum needed to successfully unlock the gold ranked steal trait.


To give you a Timestamp of when this should of been unlocked is simply not possible, considering I did not anticipate the game NOT WORKING PROPERLY so was not taking notes of my progress and recording them in a diary (that is ridiculous to expect this) - but what I can tell you, is that I am currently signed off work sick - and have been since July - so have spent many hours through the day and night playing the game achieving much more than your average gamer, who may be restricted to only playing a few hours a day.


I also have invested more time in to this title than any of my previously owned games (annoyingly) - so should have achieved much more in terms of in game progression. I have played 100’s of NBA LIVE games online in live runs and in the career modes league and Pro AM - yet still when playing with my original created player online I can barely make a shot even an easy shot like a lay up it’s a JOKE.


I feel EA have done a huge disservice to their “valued customers” and should be compensating them for it. What makes our time any less valuable than EA’s time?..


I do appreciate you finally responding to me EA_Roger but considering I emailed numerous times, with no response from you until now and have also called numerous times with as good as “no assistance” other than a “I’ll pass it on to the team” who have months after many complaints done nothing to fix it - I am utterly disappointed in EA...


As explained, I’ve invested many hours and £’s over the years in EA titles and have now completely lost faith... I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the new “UFC 3” title - after a very exciting (at times) but pretty disappointing experience too with UFC 2 (with the ridiculously unfair and underdeveloped online fighting mode that puts fighters with maxed out stats against newly created fighter with next to no skills & the whole dodgy fight card rewards many coins spent to get useless fight cards that you already have or do not need so many times hours spent earning the coins them in an instant they’re spent to be rewarded with a BIG fat NOTHING!!!)


and NOW with this NBA LIVE JOKE as well, I am somewhat reluctant to give EA more money to sell me another possible game with “many glitches causing further disappointment & frustrations”


I’m sure making games isn’t an easy task and some issues are expected, but surely the main features in a game should be working 100% correctly before it is released to paying customers, and taking customers hard earned cash for them..


sorry for the long response that turned in to a bit of a rant.... but as EA don’t offer the best customer support - there’s A LOT that needs bringing to attention...


if you listen to my last call you’ll hear exactly what the issues are with NBA LIVE TRAITS - the advisor took no notice in what I advised I’m sure, but I’d be more than happy to discuss with you if something will be done..



xbox one 



Kind Regards



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Traits and Objectives will not unlock

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I am STILL having this issue and EA seems to not want to address this although numerous players on PS and XBOX have complained on this forum!! 


This is a major bug in NBA Live 18.


1. Once a player unlocks the Superstar trait all other traits progress will stop.

2. Other traits that objectives have been met will remain locked and stuck on Level 1 or 2.

3. Also noticed my Hype Level is also stuck at 50.

4. All platforms are having this issue.



My Gamertag: IAMEMTUU

Platform: XBOX ONE S



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Re: Traits and Objectives will not unlock

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  • Envii1983
  • Platform xbox 1
  • Time around 2pm eastern timezone Jan 27th 2018
  • Game Mode The One
  • Traits not progressing
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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EA really doesn't seem to care. This has been an issue that's been brought up since August yet nothing has been done about it. Very sad
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