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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

by FIFAsam7

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NBA Live 18 trait objectives bug

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Traits objectives for "The One" player in NBA Live 18 will not unlock after completion. PLEASE FIX!!!!!


My Info:


EA Origin: iamemtuu


Platform: XBOX ONE S

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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

Community Manager



First of all I'd like to apologize for the delayed response here as well as for the experience you've been encountering, I've merged the posts I've found for the users who are encountering this issue. As called out by @Showfa82, we released a fix for this issue however it was brought to our attention that some users are still running into this problem. We've been trying to find the cause of this issue to fix it however at this stage we need more information on your end to be able to do so.


With that in mind could you get back to me with the following information:


GamerTag/ PSN ID:


Timestamp at which the trait should have been obtained:


I fully understand that the last piece of information may be difficult to obtain however it is vital for our investigation, you may remember posting it on AHQ when  you should have unlocked the trait for example.





*Accepting as solution for visibility - issue is still on-going

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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

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This same issue still persist! O have created 5 separate characters, 98, 96, 85, 84, 79 overall. All but one have had this problem. I spoke on the phone with an EA representative but he was no help at all.
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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Yes that’s happed to my traits too
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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

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Hey Roger same problem on Xbox one.

Level 50 on street & league

Traits completed but won't unlock any Rank 3 very frustrating and concerned about what I've been hearing about people losing all their achievements randomly - I've put in so many hours into this - as have many others... it's not an option to have to start over that's crazy... I have done many game updates and none have fixed this issue for me. Please help... thanks James
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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

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I have a couple of traits that won't turn gold. I'm on level 60, it say I met the requirements on the things I needed to do to unlock the 3rd level of the trait which is good, but somehow they are still locked and silver. Can you please help me.
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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

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UPDATE*** So I spoke with an EA rep yesterday at great length (as well as completing some trouble shooting with zero results) apparently EA "thought the bug had been resolved with the update mentioned by Roger for everyone" - clearly not.... it's now been sent "again" to the Studio for the developers to fix - crazy how this is still an issue after so many months since the game was released... it makes it almost impossible to complete "simple tasks" when playing LIVE RUNS online - very frustrating and ruining the gamers experience...

I was assured that the bug was reported again to the Studio and they shall do all they can to get it fixed asap. Who knows how long this will be though considering it's clearly been a fault for many months. Maybe the more people who report the bug the better, and the more seriously this will be taken and quickly it can be fixed... Love the game in general but this is putting a huge downer on it! Been putting in so much time to obtain thewe traits & rewards... Please get this resolved EA so we can play without having the gaming ruined... Thanks.... James
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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

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It's a new year and we are experiencing the same issue Roger!

I've been waiting far too long for this bug to be fixed
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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

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This is crazy how long it's been I've completely stopped playing 2k but geez seems it's about to be dusted off.
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Re: Trait Progress and upgrading

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This topic was posted in August and with all these people commenting still no fix!!! NBA Live 18 is trash and so is the EA Customer Support that comes with it
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Re: NBA Live 18 3rd Trait Slot!

★★★★ Novice
So Roger, I have sent this following email previously to you that has been recorded as read yet I have received zero response from you....

*** I too have this issue it is ridiculous, plus it seems my created player has more skill set during leaugue games then when playing online “live run street games” which when playing I can barely hit anything with my player that is easily more than doable when playing pro am street and/or league.

I'm at player rating 60 & rep street & league are both at 50 giving me 100 total ranked now 10 on the leaderbord with so many 100% completed achievements yet my traits are frozen at rank 1 or 2 (as well as ones which are “without a doubt” completed - yet have not even registered as a single one done e.g dish to team mate - perhaps only says I’ve done 2 in my entire career which is ridiculous and simply not true!).

This is so infuriating I've put so many hours in to this game and hear of others losing their entire achievements! I can not bare the thought of this happening too!...

Please help... you've said this was “fixed” months ago - yet still SO many of us have this issue remaining.

I have messaged EA also via email with no response and am extremely disappointed with this "glitch" or "bug" whatever it is.... my xbox gamer tag is showfa28 please help me. Many thanks.... James

****update I spoke with an EA rep the other day on the phone who’s reported to the studio, however he also said he will chase you and I would like to hear your response to this... I do not understand why EA launched a game with so many issues and how they can take so long to fix it and not acknowledge their paying customers... surely this is not fit for purpose which would make a trading standards issue.... Please fix Roger and get back to me to discuss.... Regards.....
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