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Badges are froze and EA doesn't care

by Woohoo031701

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NBA Live 18 Trait Upgrade. 11/17/18 STILL NOT FIXED

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Problem still not resolved or fixed. I know 19 is out but I really enjoy playing this one. I think I'm done playing now knowing I can't upgrade my player anymore 

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Badges are froze and EA doesn't care

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The traits for NBA LIVE 18 are froze and won't progress any further. All of my badges should be gold. I have already talked to EA 3 to 4 times this week about this and I'm tired of asking and only getting told that they'll look into it. I have put a lot of time in this game and still play it. I don't like 2k at all but EA isn't doing any better. I understand that this isn't the latest NBA game but that doesn't mean you forget about it. I look and see that others have had the same problem as me and nothings been done. I don't know what happened to companies making games just for people to enjoy. It's all about micro transactions now and it's just sad. People pay for your game and when stuff like this happens, you just look the other way and ignore the issue. EA wonders why they get such a bad rep now. Focused on the money and not caring about the customers. 

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Character traits

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Still having trouble with Character traits not leveling or I’ll make the request shots and or dunks and step backs and corner threes. Everything is not counting nor is it leveling up my traits. Can you help?

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