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Re: NBA LIVE 18 Free Throw Freeze

by SamSierra23

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Re: NBA LIVE 18 Free Throw Freeze

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I think we’ve all updated and have the same issue... since live 15, yet you still have no answers
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Re: NBA LIVE 18 Free Throw Freeze

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I just can't understand how come NBA Live 19 is already available to pre order, and you still did not fix problems that were reported to you over and over again, this one, the one with the treats that just stop recording any progress at some point, and many others... What a waist of money..
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Re: NBA LIVE 18 Free Throw Freeze

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It still goes on in Live 19. 4 years later and its never been fixed. What a joke.
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Re: NBA LIVE 18 Free Throw Freeze

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This is STILL a problem. The issue is the free throw is a good time to pause during a game, so I have to be conscious every single free throw to not pause. The fact that EA recommends updating as a fix is not a fix. This game still checks for updates at startup, even though the last updates were last year. Updates don't fix it anyway.


This has been the reason I didn't buy NBA Live 19 and won't buy another NBA Live game until I'm certain freezing issues have been addressed.

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