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My ce

by Velozity0

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My ce

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Product: NBA LIVE 18
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
Which version? Full Game
Which feature / component / location in game are you experiencing issues with? The One/ My character
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I wouldn’t really call this a bug, just a really bad function / game mechanic. My character which is a center build often does not start at center over underaged CPU and in my league. My character should be the starting center unless I’m pamuig with friends and there is 2 center builds.
What happens when the bug occurs? Like I said not bug, but I didn’t know where else to report it to. My 7’2” rim protecting center build the light The Rise, League, Streets, etc. is not playing the right position. This is a mechanic 2k gets right. In League I play for the Trail Blazzers, whos C Nurkic is a lowly 81 overall, and is only a 7 footer, yet he starts over my 85 overall 7’2”, im often defending SF & SGs, and forced into to often mismatched where my big man gets beat. ItS is at points really frustrating, In streets in often replaced my a big man, and lose out on lots of the benefit of my character build.
What should be happening instead? My character should replace the starting center, and in streets be automatically assigned to the position he’s ment to play as. And as for defense I should be assigned to proper match up a in primarily guarding C and PF, and only rarely forced to mismatch against guards. I designed and worked my character to be a center, to protect the paint, and dunk on err body. The way the game should function is teams change there team centered around my character, and defense should understand that a 7’2” C should not be assigned to 6’8” wing shooters.
How severe is the bug? B - Major

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, my CBOX is off but I could easily go get a screen shot of my 85 I’ve C being moved to PF over The current 81 overall C who is a post anchor, and better suited to be switched to PF.
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