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Main Menu's Background/My player

by JJTG1540

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Main Menu's Background/My player

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Product: NBA LIVE 18
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
Which version? Full Game
Which feature / component / location in game are you experiencing issues with? Customization/Main Menu's Background
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? It first appeared when my first online event ended.
What happens when the bug occurs? The player in the main menu or "outfit" section is zoomed out and cant be customizable due to him being tiny, zoomed out. And he's also holding an invisible ball in the main menu...
What should be happening instead? The background just should'nt be zoomed out
How severe is the bug? B - Major

I took a pic and there you can see my player "zoomed out" and uncustomizable cause he's tiny...
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Re: Main Menu's Background/My player

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Did you find the solution to this? If you did please share
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Re: Main Menu's Background/My player

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Sorry, but no I haven't...
And sorry if you didn't care about a reply not having a solution.
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Re: Main Menu's Background/My player

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I've redowloaded it and it still didn't work so I think the only way is to leave the whole account behind because nothing I'm trying is working

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Re: Main Menu's Background/My player

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It happened to me after I made a second character

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