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Re: Face scan

by ilkerxeon

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Re: Face scan

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On my phone it had download great but when I down load the demo and ready to put my scan face on its not showing up and how u het it to come up
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Re: Face scan

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Im having the same issue.  Were you able to figure it out?

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Re: Face scan

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I am also another person who's had this problem my psn is JstreetzBeatz and I've completed everything but my face isn't an option yet


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I'm having issues with transferring my gameface onto my plantation 4

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I need help with this issue sooner than later. Thank you 

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Re: why face scan red

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How do you suppose to scan the QR code?

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Re: Face scan

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I have problem with Face scan on NBA Live 18

I also contacted EA support but they don't help.

That's weird because this is a feature of the game and they say they don't support it.


My problem is:


I have intalled Nba live 18 on my Xbox One console. My xbox live id and gamertag is linked with my EA account

I downloaded nba live companion app on my Android phone and made a face scan.
but the game does not show the face when I'm creating the player.
how can I solve the issue ?
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Re: Face scan

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conclusion from my long discussion with Mr. Abin from EA support:

EA is not a professional company.



they say that they can't solve this issue and redirect to community forums (here)

I am asking for escalation OR a ticket to follow up.


Their answer is just :

- we can't escalate for "such issues"

- we can't open a ticket for "such issues"


I ask what is "such issue", and they say:

this is not a technical issue. if this is not technical , then what is technical ?


The Android app that I use is EA's app. And there is a feature in game which should download the face scan that is uploaded.

but it does not work. 

This is technical for sure.


very professional EA, very very professional.


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Face scan won’t load

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The nba companion app does not pair with my Xbox one console. I have nba live 18 and had no issues. This years doesn’t even detect my phone. Why? Is this still an ongoing issue?

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Re: NBA Live 18 face scan won't load

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Why won't they just implement the Kinect to face scan instead of the app? Xbox dropped the ball on the Kinect, great voice and gesture activation technology just dumped to the wayside, still Nintendo or Sony has not caught up to this technology, yet they just gave up on it. Ok some games were pretty bad but just to navigate around the x box and use voice such as Alexa is great. Dummies!!

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Re: Face scan won’t load

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The app wouldn't even scan my face, now I see that if I ever got it to, I still would run into how to upload it, I just uninstalled them both.

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