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Re: Face Scan doesn't work

by wadatdat478

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Face Scan doesn't work

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Face scan doesn't show in the customization portion of my game it never uploads although my app on my phone has rendered the scan? How do I upload my scan let's go EA this is a deal breaker if this doesn't work?
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Re: NBA Live 18 face scan won't load

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Have u figured out how to get your face to load
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Re: NBA Live 18 face scan won't load

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This isn't working for me, either. What's the deal?! This screen NEVER changes!!
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Re: Face Scan doesn't work

★★★★ Newbie Check my video out it's a lot to it
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Re: NBA Live 18 face scan won't load

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I can finish the scan on my phone. It actually worked really well. My face will not load on the game however. Really thinking about giving NBA live a chance and already an issue. Not so sure. Please help.
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Face scan difficulties

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Hey guys at Nba live,

I just wanted to start off by saying I'm glad you guys made this game looking forward to playing this all year and anticipating what you guys have next.

However, I just downloaded the game after playing the demo and pre ordering it the face scan in the demo works great but when I got the full game I saw that my face scan was in the upper right corner but not on my player. I went and made a new player because I wanted to play the rise again and I even made tried out a new face scan it looks good but when I try to upload it it says upload failure. And I tried using my old face scan that's already on the server but the game acts like I never had one. Which is unfortunate. I hope it's just because you guys just have high traffic on the servers with all the releases if so I'll be patient and go ball out with the vet Wells. Wink
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Re: Face scan difficulties

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100% exact same issue. I'm sure countless others have the same problem. Been playing Live since '95 at 5 years old. These guys just can't be kosher with the setup. Character face won't upload in the game. High server traffic on app, as if EA doesn't know it should have substantial server quality to offset the issue. They gave $5 since we had to wait 11 extra hours just to play it. We don't want that. WE WANT TO PLAY BASKETBALL IN NBA LIVE AS IT IS ADVERTISED

Bad start to a first day for many Live loyalists and choosers. Not a good look for EA
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Re: Face scan

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I got it to load on the app but in game it just keeps saying checking for face scan.

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Re: NBA Live 18 face scan won't load

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Ever got to work? I'm having same issues.
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Re: NBA Live 18 face scan won't load

Community Manager

Very important: For GameFaceHD to work correctly you need to log in to the Companion App and your console from the same EA account. If these accounts do not match, you will not be able to add your face in-game.


  • Use your EA Account email address and password to log in to the Companion app.
  1. Log into your EA Account from the console.
  2. Go to the Create A Player settings on The One menu.
  3. Choose your face in the top right corner.

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