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Nba live 18 face won't upl

by realogbgfasho4ya

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Face scan not working

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Can yuou assist me on the face scan. It's not working for my PS4. Is it because I'm using a galaxy s8+ phone? Should I use an iPhone?
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Face scan

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How do I upload my face scan to the game?
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Re: Face scan

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According to this :

  1. Log into your EA Account from the console.
  2. Go to the Create A Player settings on The One menu.
  3. Choose your face in the top right corner.

Hope that helps any.


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Re: Face scan

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Does not work on my galaxy s8+... been trying for 4 days now... it's just not worth the hassle anymore... so I give up
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Re: Face scan

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It's no point in playing if the face scan doesn't work.. Yes I have plenty of lighting... it's saying it's having rendering issues.. how does a better camera not work?
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NBA live 18

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How do you transfer your face to NBA live 18
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Nba live 18 face won't upl

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I made my face scan but It won't apply to my player
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Re: Face scan

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Doesn't work I successfully did a face scan it jus won't upload on NBA live18 maybe cuz it's a demo idk
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Re: Face scan not working

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This should help you guys out. The EA account has to be the same email as your Account associated with the Game and linked to the NBA LIVE APP

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Face scan

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Why didn't my face scan download into NBA Live 18?
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