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Re: Disappearing Tattoos

by Matti-D23

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Disappearing Tattoos

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My biggest issue is that none of my tattoos are showing up once my guy steps on the court to play. They are equipped and show during the menus, but disappear when the gameplay starts. Ironically the only tattoos that do show up are the neck tattoos. I was hoping that playing the full game would fix it, but sadly it did not.
I took the chance and invested into your game this year...please don't start making me regret that decision.

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Re: Disappearing Tattoos

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Anybody figure out a fix yet
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Re: Disappearing Tattoos

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Anything yet
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Re: Disappearing Tattoos

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Its because gameface if i changed to the random faces the Tattoos will Show up in the normal Game.
Hope EA will fix it soon.
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Re: Disappearing Tattoos

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still happens
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