Re: Expanding collection problems multiplayer Mass Effect Andromeda

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Expanding collection problems multiplayer Mass Effect Andromeda

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Dear sirs/madams,


I am an huge mass effect fan and I like to play mass effect a lot, especially multiplayer. So now and then I also buy andromeda points, because I like to support the franchise and with that I am also expanding my collection as in weapons, characters and mods for multiplayer.


But currently I am on a point that I almost unlocked every gold item there is and with buying new premium packs I clearly see some strange things happening. And thats where I am very worried, because especially when I buy them with money, I shouldnt get packs with only consumables, while there is still a lot of ultra gear to get.


At this rate buying premium packs to unlock every N7 weapon there is I either should spend around 100.000 euro for buying andromeda points or I play everyday andromeda for the coming 10 years.


I think the progressing part here has some wrong thoughts or never thoughted possible design problems. The solution should be very easy to implement:


1. Add guaranteed ultra rare character/weapon packs to the game

2. Extend the generator code:

Check locked rare collection, unlock 1 rare item.

Check locked rare collection, if all unlocked, unlock 1 common locked item, if all common items unlocked, unlock 1 uncommon item and go so on.


The priority should always be at unlocking at least 1 guaranteed item which isnt a consumable in every pack, so people can complete their collection before the next two mass effects comes out.


Thanks for reading and I really like to check everyone's reaction and opinion about this. And I am looking forward for bioware reponse to this.


Yours sincerely,

A huge mass effect fan

Roy Quak

GLOP Marshal (xbox)


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Re: Expanding collection problems multiplayer Mass Effect Andromeda

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Hey allemaal, 


Aangezien dit een zeer oud topic is, gaat hij op slot.


Mocht je nog steeds eventueel last hebben van dit (of een ander) probleem, dan wordt het geapprecieerd als je hierover een nieuw topic aanmaakt.



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