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choppy cutscenes, questionable specs?

by gingersam2468

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choppy cutscenes, questionable specs?

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First of all, my specs:
OS: Windows 10

CPU: I5 3570 3.4GHz


GPU: 2GB GTX 660


So naturally I'm underspecced for this game, I reach minimum but not recommended. (didn't look this up before buying the game so that's my fault really). But GeForce Experience wants me to run the game at a lower resolution and everything on low, which is simply unacceptable, the game isn't worth playing with those settings, makes it look like PlayStation 1 graphics. I bumped everything up to medium for my resolution and here's where my problem comes in. Cutscenes are choppy as hell and the sound is also kind of out of sync. 


Is there anything I can do to make the cutscenes run smoothly with my hardware? The weird thing is under player control everything seems really smooth and its not choppy at all, only the cut scenes are horrendous. If this is just a limitation of my hardware then so be it I'll just put in for a refund, didn't know this game was going to require an entire data centre to run smoothly. 

Kinda sucks to have a £800 PC that can't run a game properly but a £250 console can run it just fine. 

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Re: choppy cutscenes, questionable specs?

You have a lower end system for the game, with Nvidia midline card, so I very much doubt it.  Doesn't help that Nvidia lately has there head planted up their hindend about their drivers.  So if they fix the drivers you may have a chance....because I am pretty sure your issue is with your video card, but I wouldn't hold your breath.  I am playing the game with a similar CPU(mine is amd though) but a way better gaming card...MSI Lightning R9 290X and other than some slow transitions on loads(few crashes being it is a new game) the game played great yesterday at high graphics.  So either upgrade to a better card, or hope Nvidia removes their head and gets better at drivers.

I am NOT an EA employee, I am just a simple gamer like most everyone else here volunteering my help to those who may can use it .....That means I have to pay for my games just like you, lol.
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Re: choppy cutscenes, questionable specs?

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RAM and CPU look fine, it's the fact you don't want to accept the limitations of your GPU, and run on lower settings.


The largest issue is your 2GB GPU Memory, I have R7950 with 3GB and I can run with maxed out settings for AMD, which means SSAO, not HBAO.

One settings at high, even on the Ultra preset, though it does have an ultra setting, plus I have a 2560x1440 monitor as well.


Though I'm sure I'm not getting 60FPS, it's smooth enough. with only an occaisional stutter at the start of a cutscene on the Tempest.


Strange thing was, I was originally getting stuttering of the audio, but only on the Tempest, this started in cutscenes, and got worse until gameplay was also affected, and eventually I was getting grahics stutterring, due to extreme frame rate flucuations.


Strange as it seems, I fixed this by deleting the Origin Folders in.





This fixed my issue, which was a surprise, And I got the idea from another post here.

If that alone isn't enough, you may find you only need to drop one, or two specific settings, to get a reasonable. result.

This is often hardware dependent, but shadows are one setting, that usually gives some FPS boost, just try dropping onr setting at a time, and testing.


Ultimately, my GPU is getting too old, for Ultra, even for someone, like me who values smoothness, over raw FPS.

I'm just waiting for Vega, to arrive before I replace it, with whatever is the best.

In the end it's the GPU that's the biggest factor, mine was the best available, when I got it 4 year ago, and though you may have paid £800 for that PC, it's not worth nothing like that today.

You can just replace the GPU, for one with more memory, and get very good performance, once again.

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