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Surround sound reversed?

by Gh0stscarE

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Surround sound reversed?

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Hi all!


First off i really like the trial so far (only played multiplayer so far).


But as the title already said i think i have a bug With the surround. It is in fact reversed for me and it is disorienting. I'm not sure if it's a setting on my headset (Logitech g430 using the dtx surround setting) or if it's the game.


Anyone else notice this? Or am i the only one?

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Re: Surround sound reversed?

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Got same issues, the suroundsoudn is all messed up, its like i have put on my headset upside down and reversed, i mean soudns that r generated above me soudns liek they r comign from under me and sounds from the left sounds liek they comign form the right,  same thign when i switch to sterio in the ingame settings for sound, no matter what settings i switch the the sound is coming from the oposit direction that its actually made from, and its not just my headset,  I tried it with my Logitech G933 wireless and also some cheap generic nonesuroundsoudn headset and the regular speakers, and its just in mass effect andromeda, no other game

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