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Peebee and Jaal: Frozen Dialogue Bug

by Kiskadeee

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Re: Peebee and Jaal: Frozen Dialogue Bug

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Just to be sure: I guess the important part here is that ingame and origin game-setting language match, not which one.


Sorry it didnt work for you Frown

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Re: Peebee and Jaal: Frozen Dialogue Bug

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My Origin client was running in German lanuage and I've installed the game in English. Switching the client to English language didn't do the trick. At first, I did not see the option to change the game language there too. Now playing with an English Origin client, English game setting and English game install.

I've been plaing for 2 hours now without the bug. That's either the longest time without encountering the bug or it's really solved .... fingers crossed and thank you!

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Re: Peebee and Jaal: Frozen Dialogue Bug

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Having the same problem Frown . This bug seems to occur somewhere after beginning mission on Haavarl (?). At first I thought it was just Peebe & Jarl bug, but it touches all the crew member at different times - but only on Tempest.  While the dialogue does not work on Tempest with Peebee I can still talk to her on Aya, Sometimes I cannot talk to Cora / Liam  / Suvi / Kallo while still being able to go and talk to Vetra and Drack. Then I get stuck, doors are closed. I tried to repair and reinstall the game and the problem comes back. I will try to remove the patch files as some advise, we'll see. Never experienced this bug with the -non-crew-members and outside Tempest. 

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