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Re: collectors edition code used but then didnt show up in library on origin

by mcsupersport

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collectors edition code used but then didnt show up in library on origin

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Hi so i recently got mass effect 3 collectors edition for pc for christmas. i put in disc one, it instructed me to get origin so i did.  after logging in to my ea account, i pu in the code, and it was accepted. it then said it failed to install then told me to try again from my library. i went to my library and it was not there. i then went to support and the kept thinking that the game was in my library when i clearly said it was not. i had 2 different live chats, the second which ended by them telling me that i should clear my dns cache which i did and restarted my pc. it did literrally nothing and now the only op[tion i have is to call ea which has a 5 hour wait time. i also tried reentering the code multiple times and it said the code has already been used. i dont knwo why i cant just play it from the disc! its ridiculous and it cost $60 for this and if it doesnt work im going to be even more pissed than i already am. no one else on the internet had this problem so i couldnt get any help from that. i would really like to know why i cant even apply for a live chat at 3pm central time! this is ridiculous.

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Re: collectors edition code used but then didnt show up in library on origin

Ok, stupid question time maybe.....


EA loves to be stupid with their codes, by this I mean they will put a code into the box for the game, another code for extra content and sometimes even a third code for different stuff.  The stupid part is they will often put the game code on a plain white scrap of paper and then turn around and put the bonus content on a really nice often laminated and important looking piece of paper.  I have seen on MULTIPLE occasions where people enter the bonus content codes thinking, since it is on the NICE paper, it is the game and then can't get it to work.  So triple check that you haven't done this, cause after seeing the codes for MEA and all the issues with them, it wouldn't surprise me at all and you would just be one of many.


I am NOT an EA employee, I am just a simple gamer like most everyone else here volunteering my help to those who may can use it .....That means I have to pay for my games just like you, lol.
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