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Re: Weeklend Challenges Achievements

by shepherd312

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Weeklend Challenges Achievements

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Hello, i' like to ask something concerning the "completioninst" gamers:


I've played ME3 since demo and purchased game on release data, but due to lack of time, I stopped playing, so I couldn't participate in all Weekend events.


If you check my manifest (Hollownger, PC) you could see how many I played and skipped. (only played in 8 events)


The question is, in our Challenges, there are 3 kind of challenges we can get concerning those events:


- Weekend challenges I (participate in 3 events) --> filled.

- Weekend challenges II (participate in 6 events) --> filled.

- Weekend challenges III (participate in 9 events) --> fail, since i have 8/9, so I lack a single one.


I know those events stopped running since almost 1 year and Bioware doesnt support anymore, but i'd like to ask, is there a possibility for some players in the same position as I, to get the last one or the few ones we lack? i'm trying to complete now all challenges at least once since I came back, and i couldnt do it if this "problem" doesnt get "fixed"


thanks for all answers


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Re: Weeklend Challenges Achievements

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There were 36 weekend Challenges in total running from March 5 2012 to March 16 2013. I myself missed  9 of them at the begining and would also like to finish them. Unfortunately that will never happen but I do agree it would be nice to have the chance.

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Re: Weeklend Challenges Achievements

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thats exactly the OPPOSITE thing im talking about. U missed 9/36, so u played 27 missions, far enough to clear the achievements Weekend challenges 1, 2 and 3, since u only need play 9 challenges, while I missed 28/36, since I played ONLY 8, less enough to clear those achievements, since I have 8/9 in Weekend challenge 3.


while u ask Bioware to redo the 9 missions u missed at the beginnin so u can play ALL 36, I only wanna know if its possible to run a single one, since u ONLY NEED 9 from all those 36 to get the achievements, which is the only think who counts on the rank

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