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Re: Unable to buy Bioware Points to purchase Mass Effect 3 DLCs

by Lunarautumn

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Unable to buy Bioware Points to purchase Mass Effect 3 DLCs

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I have an Australian Origin account, but I am currently residing in Japan. I have tried many ways to attempt to buy Bioware points so I can get the latest of the Mass Effect 3 DLCs, but every time I try it (either through the Origin client or the site) I get to the point of payment. PayPal is not accepted, and I always get an error saying that I can't use my VISA card. Is there some geo-ip tech blocking me? How do I get the bioware points to get the DLC?




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Re: Unable to buy Bioware Points to purchase Mass Effect 3 DLCs

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I'm having this same issue.  I have  US account, but am currently on a military base in Afghanistan, and I think the ISP (if you could even call it that) is routed through Germany. I've tried 2 Credit Cards, a Debit Card, and even my Paypal account, but my payments keep being rejected.  Like you, I've tried both the Origin Client and Bioware site, to no avail. As if life weren't hard enough out here...


I've seen quite a few other threads with a cornacopia of errors, so it could be some glitches with the new DLC over-loading their servers.

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Re: Unable to buy Bioware Points to purchase Mass Effect 3 DLCs

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Are you playing on a PC ? If so there are programs out there where you can change your IP address to come from anywhere it re-routes your IP  and maybe making your IP come from the US and Australia would help this issue. I am not sure I have not used one of these programs but I have heard people talk about them I believe there is even a website you can go through that changes your IP address I do not even know if you are suppose to do this but I thought I would throw it out there. or do you think it is the ISP being Bigged down if so i could see it taking hours to download 4GB it comes in 2 parts for the XBox but the PC and PS3 it is just one download. If you are using a console is it possible to purchase a DVD with the DLC on it or purchase a code like they do here in the states at places like Gamestop you would most likely have to do it on-line and have it shipped which sux because of the time it would take especially to good old Afghanistan. I am an Operation Desert shield / Storm Vet and would just like to thank you and all my Brothers and sisters that are still out there fighting the fight !! May you all come home safe and soon !

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