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[Solved] Galaxy At War inaccessible [PC]

by CallmeNappa

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Re: [Solved] Galaxy At War inaccessible [PC]

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that's funny :D

in that thread they said they fixed the servers and they link back to this website :D

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Re: [Solved] Galaxy At War inaccessible [PC]

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An EA customer service representative was able to fix it for me. He had to correct my account. All is working now.

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Re: [Solved] Galaxy At War inaccessible [PC]

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Glad to hear that.  Have fun ! 




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Re: Mass Effect 3 System Offline - Unable to access galaxy at war map

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I have a same problem but on my ipad (ME Datapad for IOS). Until now cant connect, how to rectify this problem?.
Have already try log off and log in but the problem still exists.
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Re: [Solved] Galaxy At War inaccessible [PC]

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I´ve got this problem: I bought Mass Effect 3 yesterday and registered it into my Origin account.

I played some hours and saved (ok, until now, no problem). But when I want to enter multiplayer, the game tells me something like "the server is unavaliable, please, try it again later", or something like that.

Is it related to any game problem, or is it a restriction because I´m 17 (please, if it´s that, I´m 18 in July, dudes, I don´t want to wait THAT much)?

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Re: [Solved] Galaxy At War inaccessible [PC]

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I have the same problem. Galactic readiness will always be at 50% and the system is offline in the game.

At the same time it sais in the main screen that i am connected to ea-servers. I see updates from friends coming in how they unlocked this or achieved that.

Also the multiplayer is working just fine. I can start and play matches, gain xp and shop in the store. No problem here.


@n7hq i have the galactic readiness up to 60% under the "galaxy at war" tab. i can start missions and receive readiness bonusses from there but it won't show in my game.


i reinstalled the game, repaired it, looked for updates, disabled my firewall and antivirus program, started everything with admistrative rights and re-synced my account several times.


NOTHING works and this frustrates me big time.


I changed my e-mail adress from the origin account 2 month ago but the origin support contact (via telephone) i had said that she did not know how this could affect this problem.


I really need some proffessional help here Standard smile



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Re: [Solved] Galaxy At War inaccessible [PC]

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Marking this as a solved issue is a bad joke!

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Re: Galaxy at war; failed to load

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Its back

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Re: Galaxy at war; failed to load



Please don't necro a 5 years old threads.


If you experience a similar issue, create a new thread.




This is a players helping players forum, I don't work for EA.
Dies ist ein Spieler helfen Spielern Forum, ich arbeite nicht für EA.

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