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[Solved] Galaxy At War inaccessible [PC]

by CallmeNappa

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[Solved] Galaxy At War inaccessible [PC]

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Is Bioware doing so technical service with the war map, cause I can't seem to access it but am able to play multiplayer. It would say that the system is unavailable and such. I would also like to point out this has been going on for 2 weeks now. 

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Re: Mass Effect 3 System Offline - Unable to access galaxy at war map

Community Manager

Heya everyone,


We have made some changes, can you check and confirm if you can access Galaxy At War again? If the issue still persists, please first close the game completely and log in from scratch.


Thank you in advance,


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Missing GoW and Achievements

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Hi, i quickly glanced over the first page didnt see anyhting else like this so i will ask.


I deceided to finish off my ME3 playthrough today.

Over the past week of playtwice when i logged into the main screen instead of galaxy map it just says error unable to connect. Yet im connected to Ea servers/its synced etc. with my DLC.


I played quite a few hours today during this and another day. And now i just noticed that all the thnigs i did during this did not reward acheivements. So for example today im missing the ending achievement and the few before it.
I miss the ashes DLC achievements cos i did that during an unable to connect session also.


Restarting the game makes no difference athough i didnt try restart router. Seems pointless now.


Im guessing that it is too late and i cant get these achievements back at all? on my bioware profile it shows i didnt earn them either. I plan to play through the game again in the coming months so i guess i get another chance. but i would like to know how to fix it for next time.

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Re: Missing GoW and Achievements

★ Apprentice

This happen to me when i started the game and no achievement will show.

If you finish the game, you will have the option to import your m3 character and by doing this you will have all the achievement that you finish in your previous game.

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PC version doesn't connect to Galaxy At War

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Since the staff went on vacation last month, I've gotten a blank Galaxy at war screen in the main menu. The lower half is blank and the top half doesn't always load and if it does, it says that it can't connect, yet if I go into multiplayer and extract, it will give me an update of my progress as normal. 


Win7 x64

intel e7600 OC'd to 3.4ghz (base is 3.06ghz)

ATI Radeon HD 6950 (stock firmware)


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Re: PC version doesn't connect to Galaxy At War

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Same here, wanted to come back to ME 3 multiplayer and but I get the same messages on the main screen and on the multiplayer screen.

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Re: PC version doesn't connect to Galaxy At War

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Same here. Any updates on this?

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Galaxy at war; failed to load

★★★★ Novice



I am having problems with the galaxy at war.

4 out of 5 times it doesn't load. And say's; failed to load. But however I am connected to the EA server? 

I have seen that many have this problem? So does anyone know a working solution? 


I am using the pc version of the game, but the problem seems to exist on all platforms

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Re: Galaxy at war; failed to load

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I get this as well, for me it's not a problem as I tend to play single player so I don't mind.

Have you looked at your multiplayer settings though?

As there may be an answer there.


Do you play multiplayer?


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Re: Galaxy at war; failed to load

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Do you get crashes in multiplayer as well as this? Because I get this 80% of the time, as well as my multiplayer is constantly crashing.

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Re: Galaxy at war; failed to load

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No multiplayer seems to work perfect, online can't seem to load the galaxy at war map.

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