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Re: Problem with game achievement

by Lunarautumn

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Problem with game achievement

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I have just finish replaying Mass Effect 3 again and after I beat it I did not recieve the Xbox 360 achievement 'Insanity' yet again. Both times that I have played through it I have put the difficulty on insanity, played through the entire game until completion and neither time I have recieved said achievement. I would like to know if I'm either missing something or if something just isn't working. I enjoy playing the games but I'd like to know why this might be happening if there is an explaination for it.

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Re: Problem with game achievement

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I have experienced similar things with insanity and other achievements on PC. As far as i could see it something went wrong during the cloud update. Usually loading the last save game, saving again and leaving the game for another cloud update was solving these issues for me.

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Re: Problem with game achievement

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I was looking up this issue on the Mass Effect 3-N7 HQ and was linked to here. For some reason my

Finish the game on Insanity without changing difficulty after leaving Earth. And Unwavering

Finish all multiplayer maps on Gold or all single-player missions on Insanity. Are not showing as complete on the ME3-N7 HQ but they are on My Xbox this does not look quite like the issue you are having where the answer was posted for the Pc but this is as close as I could find to my issue do you think this answer could work for the console also?
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