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Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

by shepard427

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Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

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I bought the Mass effect trilogy for PC and at first it worked fine MP ran well, but for some reason all of a sudden Mass effect 3 now crashes at the press any button menu after the BioWare and EA omnitool thing, I've tried reinstalling ME3 and Origin but it didn't work. Can anyone help?

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Re: Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

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In Origin, try right clicking Mass Effect 3 then "Check for Update"

If it updates but doesn't solve the issue, try right clicking it again and clicking "Repair Install"


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Re: Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

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Ok, I did what you said, and unfortunately the problem still persists im not sure what it could be because it used to run fine, is there anything else I could try to fix this problem?

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Re: Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

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Hey, I have had a similar problem.  Whenever I try to start Mass Effect 3, the game application will run for 1-3 seconds, and then crash.  Someone really needs to get on this immediately and fix this.


The only way I have been able to avoid it is to disable Origin in-game.  Open Origin on your PC, go to the upper left where it says "Origin" and click.  A menu should pop down, and somewhere in this menu you should see an "Application Settings" option.  Click on this option, after which a new window called "Settings" will show up.  Click on the "IN GAME" tab in this window, and then uncheck "Enable Origin In Game."  Then go ahead and click "DONE" near the bottom right.


I hope this helps.  If not, then I do not know what else to suggest.  Just some advice for this temporary fix: when Origin is disabled in-game, you cannot access the origin menu in-game, and therefore cannot respond or check text messages from friends (or almost every other Origin feature) until you exit the ME3 game (assuming that you are playing ME3 in fullscreen mode rather than window mode).  It is really inconvenient, but for now it's the only temporary fix I can think of.

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Re: Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

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the problem seems to be related to retaliation somhow, if you manulay removed your dlcs from the dlc folder and reinstall all of them but retaliation, the game works fine, i'm still looking for a solution to it though

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Re: Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

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Re: Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

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I just had this problem. Was simply solved by taking off the stream option in Origin. Go to your program properties in Origin, last tap is Stream, disable that and your golden. If that is your problem like it was mine.

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Re: Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

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remove DLC retaliation (DLC_CON_MP4) open the game and go to multiplayer. do not close the game, return back folder with DLC.

Now join a friend who has this DLC. after that you are playing with retaliation.

but if you close the game you will have to do it all over again.

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Re: Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

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Hi there.


Today i logged into Origin after hmm about couple weeks break & noticed there was a update and finished the update process. After that went to browse my profile and tried to change Ea ID,but there was error and that was not able to put name and then add 2x numbers behind that :o :/ But then tried same numbers behind other name and that worked and the 1st name wasn't rude at all so wonder what was that all about.


Well now to the crash problem with Mass Effect 3:


After updating and changing my Ea ID i launched ME3 & only couple seconds later when the yellow ME logo started to appear then crashed and message was that has stopped working and windows is checking the solution or something like that.Origin was checking the cloud stuff when launched the ME3 and as far as i recall that never happened before this latest update and if did then it didn't do that loading so long time before allowed game to start launching.


I tried to launch Origin as Admin and the Antivir advice said in Origin's Help section,but didn't help. After that i went to ME3's game Properties and activated Disable Origin use in this game and then launched ME3 and it launched normally. I don't wanna launch without using Origin cause i need to record my adventures with Twitch and also if a friend makes a login then i can chat while adventuring in beautiful Mass Effect Universe. I've bought some DLC's and will get some more soon and would be nice to have this bad Origin update solved and get Origin working while being in Mass Effect Universe.


Earlier today talked with 2x staff members in Origin's live Chat and when 2nd person said that will u wait 4mins or more while i investigate about this then i waited and waited for about 10mins max and checked my email cause was waiting for reply from other place and noticed that this person from Live Chat sent a msg about disconnect in Origin's Live chat..well i didn't receive any disconnect info into my Origin client while waited for him to reply after investigation. So i guess his time at work ended and didn't tell me that in live chat..or something.


I haven't tried to launch other products like Star Wars the Old Republic with Origin been online while launching. Pre purchased Swtor at 1st day it became possible and happy to have been a subber for a long time and still am to support Star Wars Mmo.


Friendly regards: Terry

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Re: Mass effect 3 crashes on startup [PC]

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I have the same problem when I hadn't played it for a little while and then Origin did an update and I haven't been able to play since then!

the game doesn't even get to any screen...I press play and then half a second later the play button lights up again....I have looked at every thread that addresses this problem and none of the solutions work!! I don't have the retaliation is really starting to irritate me because I REALLY want to play the new citadel DLC but I don't want to spend the money when I can't even get the game to work!


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