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Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered

by whitevox

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Re: Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered

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I agree. Rather than giving up pointless new titles with no soul and super realistic graphics, why not play it safe and remaster the gems that are already considered to be classics.

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Re: Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered

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I really hope that you guys are definitely considering remastering this trilogy. I know so many people that would jump at the chance of buying it. I hope that if you did you would actually have a better outcome for a shepherd. Maybe a good way to end it is have her team find her in the rubble. Because even racking up the thousands of points you needed in order to “live“, it was still a lackluster ending. I absolutely love this game. And I wish Moore was concentrated on this game instead of the Andromeda that was released that was a complete waste of money. I apologize but, even for it only being three years old the graphics were just terrible. And I just bought it

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