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Re: Mass Effect 4 (One More Story), Shepard's Story Continued, New Trilogy?

by naftwn

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Mass Effect 4 (One More Story), Shepard's Story Continued, New Trilogy?

★★★★ Novice

Hello Mass Effect Devs and Fans,


I have been a huge fan of Mass effect for awhile now and like many others came to love Shepard and the Normandy Crew. So i had a thought on what could come next for Shepard or Atleast the Milky Way Galaxy. (I know Andromeda Can't Tie into Shepards timeline). Please leave your feedback on the concept as maybe it will add to the Idea and give us all something to think about if EA/Bioware would like to Tango with the Normandy crew again. 


CONCEPT : New Game Trilogy and Story. *Ties into Original Trilogy*


*2-Player Mass Effect*



*Intro begins toward Mass Effect 3's End*

During the Final battle Above earth, the united Galaxy Stands against the Reaper Threat. Shepard, Charging toward the Citadel is hit by Harbringer. This Blast sent Shepard Spiraling through an Indoctrination Trip which they Battled Successfully. Shepard was Free of Harbringer/Reaper Influence. Now Trapped Under Rubble, an Alliance Soldier Approached Pulling Shepard from the Rubble. This Soldier was apart of the London Unit, (Lets call Him/Her ''Smith'' for this instance). Together, Shepard and Smith Make their way toward the citadels beam. Much like in the Earlier Vision Harbringer Retreated away thinking no one was left alive on the battlefield. 


As they Reach the Citadel, Hackett and Anderson Open Up communications. The Alliance Forces have the Reapers falling back, trying to make a Gap in the Fleet to Escape. Then All of a Sudden out of the Relay comes a very Large an Unknown Ship. This Ship was not firing at the Alliance however, it began bombarding the Reapers. Closing off any Escape Route the Reapers could abuse. The Aiding Forces turn out to be the Promethean. These Promethean however, were from a small Classified Effort to ensure they lasted the cycle. It turned out, that Scientists and Soldiers were put into a suspended Animation (Like Javik) and rotated around the exterior/rim of the Galaxy so the Reapers did not Find them during the last cycle.

Re-awoken these Scientists and Soldiers received Distress calls that they followed to the battle above Earth. Knowing that an Enemy of the Reapers, is an ally to their own kind they began the attacks. 


Back to Shepard and Smith, Aboard the Citadel both Shepard and Smith proceed through the halls. Fighting the Reaper forces, Shepard and Smith begin to talk. Shepard wonders why Smith saved him knowing full well the previous force there was obliterated. Smith, admitting their a fan of Shepard and has been inspired by Shepard to join the Alliance, Smith then Requests that if they make it out of this Can they be on Shepards Normandy Team. Shepard Jokingly Agrees and says if they make it through this they will get them their own ship and crew. 


During this, Hackett now knowing the Reapers have no where to go ordered the Crucible to be attached to the citadel. Whilst it is being attached, a smaller ship leaves the Promethean Vessel and heads toward the Crucible. Once the Ship reaches the Crucible it lands, waiting. The Normandy Observes from a distance waits for Shepard.

Shepard and Smith both arrive at the Crucible. Greeted by Promethean Scientists and Soldiers, Both sides lower their weapons and attempt to communicate. The Scientists Reveal that although the Alliance have created a remarkable device that had the potential to finally Defeat the Reapers it had one missing ingredient. An Accurate Target to Eliminate. The Scientists continue to explain that the reapers are made of various cycles of organics and targeting a specific template would not completely destroy the Reaper forces Variation. However, they do acknowledge that the reaper forces are all connected and that an imprinted Organic could provide the necessary target for it to wipe out them entirely. 


The Promethean admit their flaw as they didn't keep any Indoctrinated Organics alive during their cycle as they could have and were used as Spies for the Reapers. Therefore, none of the Promethean present had the required Imprint from a reaper. At this moment, Shepard Realized they were actually the missing ingredient and that the indoctrination they resisted would still have left an imprint. Confirming this with Promethean, Shepard Armed the Crucible and Fired it. 


Emitting from the Crucible was a pulse, this pulse expanded engulfing everything it touched but only damaging the Reapers caught in it. The Normandy came in for a landing to collect Shepard and Smith, the Promethean Retreated to their own Ship too. As they disembarked from the crucibles firing deck, they admired the destruction of the Reapers. Members of the Normandy would celebrate and Shepard's squad members would talk about how their futures could now be possible (If Genophage is cured Grunt can talk about a future for his people etc). 


As Shepard is watching the Reapers fall, they hear Harbringers voice. Staring Directly at Harbinger, Shepard listens. Harbringer explains that the cycles were necessary and that what Shepard has done will now have an effect on the entire future of the Galaxy. As Harbinger is caught up in the pulse, Shepard watches as their fight against the reapers is finally over. Reports come through the ships comms, Reapers are falling throughout the Galaxy. All the Reapers Minions are Perishing without command. 


Anderson and Hackett, Commemorate the efforts the fleets and Shepard had. The Normandy approaches the Alliance forces and the Promethean Ship, Shepard thanks Smith and Smith asks if the offer was still on the table. As the Scene fades to black, the last sound of a reaper plays and echoes...

Somewhere Far away an object is floating through space and picks up the Noise, Acknowledging the Reapers Defeat it begins to make noise and come alive. 


*5 Years Later*


The Galaxy has rebuilt. Species Coexist even better than before. Promethean Culture and Civilization was reintroduced to the Milk way Galaxy and were offered a seat on the council as well as other species. Promethean Technology made planets ecosystems stronger whilst also making the Alliances military prowess soar! After year of serving the Alliance Smith Quickly rose through the ranks and was about to receive their very own Ship and Crew. Mentored by Past Captain and Friend Commander Shepard, Smith out of respect wanted the Ship to replicate the Legendary Flag Ship of the Alliance, the SSV Normandy. Almost Exactly the same down to the paint job, Smith still works along side Shepard and their Crew. 


To Test out the new Captains Leadership, Shepard takes Smith to a planet that is having trouble with a Bandit Uprising. Although it would not require the Normandy and its new Sister Ship (Going to Call this ship for now Millennium Reasoning will be below!), Both ships were sent to sort the mess. 


Whilst on the planet, Shepard and Smith lead their squads. (Shepard gets their 2 companions and Smith gets their 2). After fighting through the Bandits and making their way to the leader of the uprising, Shepard and Smith get the opportunity to talk down or Bring down the Leader. Shepard (being player 1) Gets to decide the most in this however, Smith (player 2) also gets chance to get their say (or butt in during conversation, almost like reaction paragon or Renegade Options in the past).


Once the Leader has been dealt with both return back to their ship where they are greeted by another Alliance Vessel, on board is Admiral Anderson who expresses both Captains need to return to the Citadel and talk to the council Immediately, something is coming...


On Arrival to the Citadel, Smith and Shepard meet the council however, something else is with them. A Beacon of some sort. The Beacon is a message, a warning, Foreign in Language that even the Promethean is uncertain. But the Message Clearly sounds like it is urgent, before the council can conclude what it is, a message comes through from a Solar System in the outer rim of the Galaxy, its under attack. The Reports Indicate the threat is unlike anything they have seen before, much faster and organised than Reapers or even that of the collectors. People are being Abducted or Killed. 


All of a sudden the Communication goes offline with the planet, But then more reports come in from other systems. Now instead of a Foreign Language the Beacon Emitts a completely Different tone, and now it is in the listeners Respective language. Almost like the People they abducted were used as Interpreters. The Message was that of Domination, Promoting that the Milky way Galaxy and all its inhabitants are now apart of the (Name is just a benchmark) Centurion Empire. And that all Resistance will be met by punishment of death. The Beacon Announcer also explains the invaders came from the Triangulum Galaxy. 


The Council begin to talk about the attackers almost as soon as the Beacon goes mute. The Invaders are taking plants, enslaving the people and Killing any resistance they meet. Although its mainly the lesser defended planets that are falling. The more Prepared planets such as Tuchanka and Palaven, are fighting back the forces and are succeeding. It's up to Shepard and Smith and their respective Ships to bring down this new threat and discover what exactly Came from this Unfamiliar Galaxy. 



Better Explained Info:


 * Millennium Ship Name Reason;

- As the SSV Normandy is based on the Historic WW2 Attack of D-day, Normandy Landings. The Millennium is another Name of another Operation / Instance during the same war that followed the Allied (Alliance) Forces. 


* Centurion Race Placeholder Name;

- This Name was given Primarily due to one of the most Elite Units within one of the best known conquerors of human history. The Roman Centurion. Brutal Conquerors, that didn't care too much about the people the over threw. Most like the idea for this Alien Race. 


*2 Player Coop Conversations:

- My Intent for these conversations is, for player 1 to Deal with the meatier Decisions as it is their Campaign however, in certain Scenarios Player 2 Might be able to make important decisions and ultimately flesh out the Coop story together. Almost like a good cop, bad cop Situation. Although maybe both can be bad cop or good cop too. I.E One might punch a reporter whilst the other punches the camera.

- Some decisions like Potential Sacrificing of Entire Ships could come down to both players choices OR the collective of the primary players decisions. Or Interacting with Certain NPC might have Shepard or Smith be seen as a Hero or monster, meaning NPC might Request an opinion from a specific player.


* Will player 2 have a new squad?:

- My Initial Idea was to have Smith (player 2) have their very own squad and/or be able to bring in any of the ''not currently'' selected Squad mates Shepard (player 1) had. This was to originally eliminate the idea that two Wrex's or Two Liara's appear. I think if Smith gets a new team it would allow Coop partners to experience more connection with their own crews and members. 


*Reason for Giving this idea:

- Now i know the game has been over awhile back now, but in Mass Effect 3 if you chose the Specific destroy ending. It was the only ending where Shepard is alive.  I LOVED this ending outcome but wondered why did the Debris look like it was Concrete from earth? Therefore, the Reason i chose to believe in the fan made Theory, Indoctrination Theory is primarily to explain why Shepard was alive. When i heard the final scene with the Star Gazer and their Child/Grandchild, especially when the Star Gazer Said ''One more Story'' about the Shepard,  a sequel trilogy came to mind. (Now what i have Said above is only the intro concept to the FIRST game. The Others i Might describe at the end but of course like above if EA want to use this idea or Change it up, that suits me fine).


*Why are the Centurion only attacking now?

- The idea i had was that the Centurion Race was waiting for one of the Milky ways Cycles to Defeat the Reapers. This was because the Reapers Posed an Extinction level threat to the Race and attempting to Dominate the Galaxy Between Purge Cycles would be futile. They waited till this Barrier was removed before they began their Invasion. They also wanted to know what or who Brought down the Reapers once and for all. Although they waiting Cycles to invade their desire to Dominate and Conquer never faded. 


COOP Features:


COOP Style: Drop In / Drop Out COOP with a twist.

- As the game uses two Captains of different ships that are quiet well connect through Bonds. Both Captains can tackle missions, meet on the Citadel and enter one another Ships. But i wanted to go further. As this idea is a Drop in/ Drop Out feature, I thought about what could happen During a mission. For Example if Shepard (Player 1) is on a planet and is under heavy fire, rather than have Smith (player 2) Appear right next to them out of thin air, Smith can come in on a shuttle or Via an entrance and aid Shepard with their own squad as back up. Whilst if your on the Citadel you can have your coop partner appear to say hi, Buy items, Accept quests or Join in with Citadel Activities. 


- Outside of Main Missions and the Citadel, i also had the idea that both Player 1 and Player 2 can travel the galaxy separate but yet stay in communication with one another. I.E If Player 2 Smith is attacked by a Centurion Vessel and is currently Battling them almost like a Mini/Micro Mission, Player 1 can show up and aid them. This could allow for a diverse play style and make for Unique moments where your coop partner can set up traps or even sneak by Defense. If a ship is boarded or is left disabled Maybe it is down to the coop partner to come rescue them. The system could reward Partners that work together but also partners that split up and look far and wide. 

- My Concept was also that, Smaller missions that are not tied to the main story can be tackled individually too but your coop partner can jump in at any time to aid you. Or they could complete a mission in another system simultaneously.  OR Both captains can Settle both sides of an internal Dispute by talking with the respective leaders and completing the tasks simultaneously. Main missions however, can't be tackled individually if your session is Coop to avoid important plots being missed by players. 


- Both players can meet up in space and board one another ships, Greeting each Member of the Crew and having unique interactions. If an upgrade or piece of information is of value to the other ships crew it can be shared allowing for you to help your Coop partner becoming stronger or unlocking special connections with Crew members. 




2nd and 3rd Game Story concept (Spoilers):


Ending of first game - Start of 2nd Game: 

After Defeating the Head of the Centurion Invasion force, it is revealed that this large army was but a mere Scouting party and even if the invasion was a failure the Centurions now know what their up against and will be sending a much larger force. Similar to the Reapers coming out of Deep Space at the end of mass effect 2, the Centurions Forces prepare to Jump to the Milky way, Large Ships and Behemoth sized Planet shapes warp away, toward the milky way galaxy. 


During the 2nd Game, i had the concept that the Centurions would use the Planet Shaped Objects to Imprison Planets or Even Stars, separating them from their respective systems. Starving those Systems into Submission. Shepard, Smith and the Alliance forces would need to band together to Destroy these Objects and Defeat this Colossal Army.


End of 2nd Game - Start of 3rd Game:

Ultimately defeating the Army of Centurions, Liberating the Captured Planets and Saving its people. Servants of the Centurions from the Triangulum Galaxy that have been taken in by the Alliance forces confess their allegiance with the Centurions is only due to their own Galaxies Enslavement. The Slaves Made up of different Triangulum Galaxy Races explain the method in which the Centurions Transported from one Galaxy to another in very little time. This Technology was crafted by those enslaved and the Slave races work with the Scientific Minds of the Milky way galaxy so they can take the fight back to the Centurions. The Alliances next goal would be to Liberate the Triangulum Galaxy and give the people back their home and Eliminate the Centurions Residing there. With this Game, maybe it would take place in Both the Milky way or just the Triangulum Galaxy.


I Hope you liked the Idea's/ Concepts. I really love the Mass effect Series and Hope that both Devs and Fans alike enjoyed the Read. If you have ANY questions, Concepts or Feedback please leave it below. 


If EA or BioWare want to talk about some of the more Detailed concepts for Each specific Game i wouldn't mind, and would love to work with you to bring these games to the best they can with your creativeness. I wouldn't even mind voicing a Shop Clerk on the citadel requesting Shepards ''Unique'' endorsement Advert. Large smile.


Either way just wanna thank, Bioware, EA and the Fans for allowing this Series to be So cool and Enjoyable for me!


Stay Good, 

Your Friend

Michael S





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Re: Mass Effect 4 (One More Story), Shepard's Story Continued, New Trilogy?

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@Mike007mad; Glad you're such a devoted fan that you put all that work into your story treatment.  But you know that when you post here you are not talking to BioWare, EA, Sony, or Microsoft, right?   The AHQ is for player-to-player  technical self-help and game-play discussions.  We're all just fellow gamers, doin' the best we can...


The "official" channels for providing feedback/ideas are:  the game's website (if it has one), FakeBook, and Twit.  (Those last two seem to be the most used.)

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Re: Mass Effect 4 (One More Story), Shepard's Story Continued, New Trilogy?

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@Mike007mad; Glad you're such a devoted fan that you put all that work into your story treatment.  But you know that when you post here you are not talking to BioWare, EA, Sony, or Microsoft, right?   The AHQ is for player-to-player  technical self-help and game-play discussions.  We're all just fellow gamers, doin' the best we can...


The "official" channels for providing feedback/ideas are:  the game's website (if it has one), FakeBook, and Twit.  (Those last two seem to be the most used.)

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Re: Mass Effect 4 (One More Story), Shepard's Story Continued, New Trilogy?

★★★★ Novice

Thank you my friend, 

Sorry about that lol

And im glad you liked the idea i might try pitch it to EA/bioware, Probably wont work but thank you for the heads up mate!!!


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Re: Mass Effect 4 (One More Story), Shepard's Story Continued, New Trilogy?

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So interesting. What's end of this story with your plot? What did EA said?

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Re: Mass Effect 4 (One More Story), Shepard's Story Continued, New Trilogy?

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I fully support this!!!Thank you my friend!
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Re: Mass Effect 4 (One More Story), Shepard's Story Continued, New Trilogy?

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I think this might be a very old post but I just found it today.


The story you proposed is good however I don’t think mass effect should become a co-op game,


In my opinion,


The oringal mass effect trilogy was single player and 

the reason why the game was so popular was because of the rich story and memorable characters that part of the game often gets over looked in co-op games.


Take MEA for example the game was incomplete on launch and the game turned into another cash grad multi player bs.






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Re: Mass Effect 4 (One More Story), Shepard's Story Continued, New Trilogy?

★★★★ Novice


do you know the end of the story with @Mike007mad  abot story for mass effect 4? could he send his idea to bioware?

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Re: Mass Effect 4 (One More Story), Shepard's Story Continued, New Trilogy?

★★★★★ Newbie

Hi @Mike007mad I just read your storyline and I LOVE IT! Have you contact anyone from Bioware about this? 

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