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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer store stole my points

by Stitch86

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Cannot buy anything on multiplayer store

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It's really annoying... It's been going on since the last challenge, I cannot redeem (victory or Commendation) or buy any pack (veteran, specter...) 'cause it always says that "one or more errors have been found, contact..." bla bla bla... Then ME3 just crashes, and if i go in the store again, the pack is gone, like never existed even though i did not redeem it.


If this continues, I'll just give up on ME3, so I ask you for help in a quick answer.



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Mass Effect 3 Premium spectre pack

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I've just purchased 2 Premium Spectre packs via bioware points and it took the points but neither pack materialised.

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Mass effect 3 bioware purchase

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I just purchased 1600 bioware points for premium spectre packs.  I bought the first one just fine, it popped up the origin window to confirm, i closed it and got my stuff.  I went to buy a second one, the window did not pop up, i just got a 'Please wait' message for a moment, then a 'Checking for outstanding purchases' message.  It deducted my points, but i got no Premium Pack.  I tried a second time with the same result, points deducted, no pack given.  So i logged out, restarted the game and didn't see any packs pop up when i went into the store, no new equipment, etc.  So, thinking perhaps i needed to buy a different one i purchased a veteran pack for 80 points.  Same result, first 'please wait', then 'checking for outstanding purchases' then nothing other than a point deduction.  I want what I purchased, 2 premium packs and 1 veteran pack, or my points refunded (total of 560 points for 2 premiums and 1 veteran).

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Re: Mass effect 3 bioware purchase

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same exact issue.  Sometimes I will get the pack aloing with another pack.  Right now I am short of several premium packs and a normal spectre pack.  If I buy using credits, it buys it automatically.  So, I ask EA/BW this question, why not create an item on the website store that converts points to in-game credits and avoids the interaction between the server and the in-game transactions.  The credits are an auto sale, the bioware points only work when you have less than what is needed and the window pops up.


I once contacted support and was told to wait and it would be in my multiplayer screen soon.  Soon meant roughly five hours.

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Re: Mass Effect 3 Premium spectre pack

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"REINFORCEMENT PACK PURCHASED, NO CARDS RECEIVED" @, Customer Support is supposed to help. Use the phone option to contact if possible. Quote the above kb article if necessary so they can't use "That is not my department" for an answer. If they say it is fixed and it is not within a reasonable time, update your case & consider escalation to the next tier (though they have a back log, supposeded 1-2 weeks but I am on week 4 of waiting).


Don't give up. Be a pain in their ass. They have been stringing me out (4 months in one case) for a couple missing packs. I am up to threatening to post my case in full to reddit.

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Purchase with Microsoft Points of Premium Spectre Pack not received

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Hi, I purchased a Premium Spectre Pack on Mass Effect 3 and did not recieve it. I would not have bothered with this query but i purchased Microsoft points specifically to buy ME3 Content. I bought another premium spectre pack straight after and recieved it but did not get the previous purchase as hoped for.

What do i do about this?


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Re: Mass Effect 3 Ingame Purchases BIOWARE Points

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Hi there,


The ME3 store has had a long history of issues and some of these issues has resulted in lost credits in the past. Part of the issue is the convoluted nature of the Store, in that an active, functional connection to both the EA/Origin and ME3 MP servers. Any hiccup with the EA server connection and BOOM you're booted back to the main screen with no DLC, at best, and crashed out at worst. That being said, since the recent changes to store, you should now get any purchases presented next time you log in. I find that after any ME3 crash it's best to restart both Origin and ME3: it seems to reduce ongoing stability issues.


If you don't get your purchase next time you log in and you made the purchase with Bioware points, then there is a transaction history. When I recently contacted EA support about lost in-game credits transactions, I was told there is no transaction history  for in-game credits(I would suggest that the Bioware points purchases are tracket with an accounting style double entry ledger, but the credits are simply tracked in a counter and there is no ledger, as it were).


Truth is, while ME3 is an awesome game, it has a long history of bugs, and many bugs go un-fixed to this day (for exsample SMG ultralight materials and the Krogan Battlemaster's final rage evolution, which have remained un-fixed, and worse, are still available in-game despite being bugged). The very worst situation is when two issues interact: for example the, original, poorly written store code interacting with the unreliable EA/Origin servers. Mass Effect is impacted by the most common issue of all: just because someone can write code to achieve an outcome doesn't mean they can write the best code. For the store system they needed to hire some hard core web-devs and DBAs, instead they seem to have hired people who could do the job, just not as well as the community may have preferred.


Here are some BSN forum topics for you: - The Bioware store is, at the end of the day, a slot machine, afterall


I hope that helps!



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Re: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer store stole my points

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This happens to me  practically every time I purchase from the ME3 MP store using Bioware points. Using the ingame credits the purchased packs appear no probs..


Solution? don't have one. However log a ticket reporting the issue at

You should include the following details (as well as the mandatory items).


Date and Exact Time:

Points Spent:

Name of Packs purchased and Quantity:


When I have done this I have recieved a ticket number (good for tracking issue).

It has also happens that the Following Day, when I log into ME3 MP (possibly goto store), I recieve all the packs I had purchased in one BIG pack Standard smile

every time.

But log a ticket.


Hopefully this will be fixed by E.A./Bioware ingame.

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Re: Mass effect 3 bioware purchase

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see my post on this - I have the same experience every time using Bioware points.



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Re: Mass Effect 3 Bioware Points Not Registered

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Actually I have same problem. I dont know why but after buying stuff for Bioware points I have to quit game to desktop and start it back again (Including origin app). Than I am being rewarded with my purchase first thing I click on Multi. I've already sent mails about it to EA Support and I know they are aware and working on issue but haven't got any ETA.

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