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Re: Mass Effect 3 Trilogy PS3 Online Pass Issue

by PlagueStallion

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Mass Effect 3 Trilogy PS3 Online Pass Issue

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I was given the Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3) as a gift and everything so far has been working fine. However, now that I have gotten to ME3, I want to play multiplayer.


When I selected this on the main menu I was given the option to redeem the online pass code or purchase a new one. My trilogy box set has no sign of an online pass code anywhere in the booklet, and if I choose the option to purchase the pass, it tells me "An online pass is required to access online features of the game," which is obviously very unhelpful. I went to the PlayStation Store both through the game and through the system menu, and yet I couldn't find the online pass anywhere to download.


Eventually I accessed the store on my laptop and surprisingly found the online pass available to download there to my PS3. After restarting the console, it said that it was downloading an item from my queue, and then told me to go into the 'Game' section, where I'd be able to install this item. There was nothing to be seen there, however. I went into 'Account Management', 'Transaction Management', and then 'Download List', where I found the online pass again. When I downloaded it again from there, I was taken through the screens of the pass downloading, and then installing, and finally I was told the install was completed. 


I can't find the pass anywhere but my download list, and when I try to get into multiplayer again it gives me the same options as before. The booklet inside the trilogy tells me I have to have an Origin account and PSN account , both of which I have and am logged into while I am trying to access multiplayer.


I love the Mass Effect games, and the multiplayer seems incredible, so it's disappointing and frustrating that I can't access it as I feel like I'm missing out on the full experience because of it.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Mass Effect 3 Trilogy PS3 Online Pass Issue

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I have the same problem (blaze through 1 and 2, got to 3 and... multiplayer). the only thing diferent is that i haven`t found this pass code, if you could tell me where (with a simple URL address... i have no code in the store so I need a direct path) I could try and find some fix.


supposedly this thing with the codes is no longer an issue (you could conect without it) but is not my (your) case  

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Re: Mass Effect 3 Trilogy PS3 Online Pass Issue

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Online passes are being phased out, but it seems to be one of those "we'll get to it when we get to it" things, and ME3 is 2 years old.  I got caught in the Online Pass issue too, and after a few months of waiting and trying online chat help, this is what I have learned.  The pass issued to your game can get royally screwed up by changes to the base game through DLC--in my case, upgrading to Digital Deluxe.  The version gets changed, but the pass doesn't and therefore they no longer match and are corrupt.  The online chat people don't have the privileges to change the pass, all they can do is escalate the case and that does absolutely nothing.  Choose the tech support option where you submit  a phone number and they will call you back.  The techs on the other end also do not usually have the power to issue the pass, but they can connect directly to someone who can.  It takes a day or two, but you will be connected to someone who can fix the problem and directly communicate with through email. 

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Re: Mass Effect 3 Trilogy PS3 Online Pass Issue

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As others here have mentioned, DLC can confuse things. The pass is connected to the Box (i.e. your PlayStation) it would seem. If you have another account, login with that, fire up ME3, it will ask you to login or create EA account, then you can proceed to Online pass. Select purchase and you will be able to purchase one for Free. once downloaded and activated you will see the main menu has altered to reflect your access to online gaming. logout, login with your main and you should find you can immediately start multiplayer.


P.S, yes I realise the time delay for my response, just thought I'd leave this here for others who might have this issue

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