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Mass Effect 3 DLC will not install (PC)

by hardstyler081

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Mass Effect 3 DLC will not install (PC)

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After trying to get help from EA help chat who told me to manually uninstalling then reinstalling Origin which I do and I still can not get my Mass Effect 3 DLC to install or even download.

I thought I manage download it as that's what Origin was telling but after the download and clicking the ready to install nothing happen so I left it for the night and came back to it this morning to find that it no longer is telling install but download. I click the download button next to the DLC I want and it ask me what language I select English and nothing happens.


When trying to load a saved game I get a msg saying that I'm missing DLC and can't play that saved game therefore the DLC is not installed.


Update a fix can be found here

(I search for ages and still only found this by luck after post this... you need to improve the search) 


To EA this need to be fix when I download ME3 DLC it should go the ME3 DLC folder not to The Final Hours Of Mass Effect 3 DLC Folder.

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Re: Mass Effect 3 DLC will not install (PC)

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Being a PC repair tech I feel like throwing in my two cents for schits n giggles: 


The answer revolves around the installation folder itself.  That's a Windows problem.  The administrative rights grant you full access, but when uninstalling a program there are more often than not folders and files left behind.  Essentially the problem is eliminating all of the folders/files when uninstalling & reinstalling.  The easiest solution would be for EA to offer a 'reinstall' feature for PC users that includes a special command to fully wipe & create new folders.


Ultimately this is a similar problem with other games & antivirus programs in Windows, not specific to ME3.

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