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Mass Effect 3 DLC Bundle Sale

by captainWillie

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Mass Effect 3 DLC Bundle Sale

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I recently saw that the Mass Effect 3 DLC bundle was on sale just two days ago. I have been wanting to play this game in full very badly for a long time now but could not purchase the DLC on sale because I was waiting for a paycheck to come through first. I went to purchase it yesterday for the advertised price of $9.99 and saw that the sale has ended which was honestly a little heartbreaking as I have 100%ed the first two games and was really looking forward to this.


I talked with David H. at tech support explaining that I was hoping to still pick up that DLC bundle on sale but unfortunately he said there is nothing that he can do. However, David did direct me here to appeal to the dev team and ask to have my issue resolved here. I really want to play this game but I feel like the rug just got swept out from under me.


I am just a broke college student who games on a budget and this price drop was the impetus to finally start this game that I have been waiting to play since 2012. I have been a loyal EA customer since BF 1942. If there is any way someone could give me a promo code it would mean the world to me.





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Re: Mass Effect 3 DLC Bundle Sale

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We are really sorry you missed the sale but unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you here.



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