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Mass Effect 3 DLC Bundle Concerns

by risket2017

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Mass Effect 3 DLC Bundle Concerns

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I recently noticed that all of the Mass Effect 3 DLC is now available for purchase as a bundle.  First of all, thanks for making it easier to purchase the DLC by not having to purchase Bioware Points.  However, there are some concerns:


1.  The current full price, not including the current sale, is $29.99 on Origin.  The Mass Effect 3 game's price on Origin is $19.99, and is $5.99 on Amazon.  In addition, the multiplayer DLC's have always been free!  Why on Earth is the DLC bundle 5 times more expensive to purchase (assuming Amazon's price) than the full game?


2.  I imagine there are many of us that have purchased some of the DLC using the old Bioware Points system.  For example, I have bought Citadel, Leviathan, and From the Ashes but I do not have Omega or the Firepower pack.  Is there a system in place that will give discounts to those of us who have some of the DLCs but not all so we could purchase the bundle at a reduced price?


Thank you.

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Re: Mass Effect 3 DLC Bundle Concerns

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No.  Buy the newly offered "bundle" to get the DLC you're missing, or buy them individually at the higher price.


Those are your options, and it has ever been so with DLC for BioWare games.

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