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Mass Effect 3 Ardat Yakshi Monastery Glitch

by Lunarautumn

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Mass Effect 3 Ardat Yakshi Monastery Glitch

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I am playing on the 360 on Hardcore this is probably my 6th or 7th playthrough I am at the Ardat Yakshi Monastery already met with Samara and headed downstairs to the first encounter with the bad guys cleaned out the Banshee and all the rest went up to the door that I have to Bypass and started to bypass it. My screen went black I could still hear the wind blowing and I could hear shepard walking when I moved him. I still had control of the game it was not frozen I just had no video. So I quit the game and opened the save game in the same area but now there is no control panel to bypass the door and the door is closed and I can not pass so I am stuck in this area. I have never seen this glitch so what should I do? I will take some photos of the screen so you can see where I am and the door I speak of if you want them let me know and I will send them to you

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Re: Mass Effect 3 Ardat Yakshi Monastery Glitch

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I had this glitch too but I couldn't find an answer. This is a four year late solution and it might not even work. I restarted just before the fight with the banshee and the canniblas and when i got to the door I start the bypass and just kept walking in it. I'm not sure if this is a '10/10 works everytime' solution but it seemed to work for me... 

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