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Re: [Information] Datapad is being retired

by GenObiOne

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[Information] Datapad is being retired

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The Mass Effect 3 Data App is being retired. It will be removed from the app store on June 5, 2013.

You can still monitor your Galactic Readiness and much more by using the newly mobile optimized N7HQ:

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Re: [Information] Datapad is being retired

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No matter what i try when i log into my account to accsess it a message saying i do not meet the minimum requirments to view this page. 

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Re: [Information] Datapad is being retired

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I get the same meesage when i try to activate my mass effect 3 game.

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Re: [Information] Datapad is being retired

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While I appreciate a less-prone-to-outage way of managing my Galaxy At War status and sending fleets around, either I must be blind or the mail feature from the Datapad app has gone AWOL in the transition to N7HQ. That's kind of sad, since the mail feature is, if not crucial to the story, at least a great little way to flesh out the characters and make the game more personal. I'm hoping this was just an unfortunate oversight during development of N7HQ and that we'll get the feature back soon-ish. Or is it gone forever? And if so, what is being done with the data my Mass Effect 3 game sends to EA in order to generate those messages in my Datapad app? Can it be redirected to a third-party reconstruction of the Mail feature, perhaps? Or even better, the mail feature brought into the regular game so the mail arrives in the private terminal on the Normandy like all other messages?

(I'm asking this since both the Galaxy At War feature and the Mail feature of the Datapad app seem to have been terminated without any in-app notice since some time last week).

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Re: [Information] Datapad is being retired

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Huh, only just saw this. Can the content somehow be transfered to ME3? I mean things like the fleet movements and emails?

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Re: [Information] Datapad is being retired

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Is it at all possible to download this again? The mobile version of the new site is nothing like the app's codex, and it doesn't work offline.

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Re: [Information] Datapad is being retired

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For a very long time now my Datapad was telling me myiPhone needs to be connected to the internet.  So this is the problem.  I'm still using ME3 Infiltrator but it takes forever to collect enough intel to even make a dent in the Galactic Readiness map. Admiral hackett's response to your question about Galactic Readiness changes depending on your percentage of readiness.


Like the idea of using my PC to deploy the fleets.  How about some sound or music like on the iPhone's Datapad?

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