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Re: HUD size - letters, power bar etc

by xzavierhyde

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HUD size - letters, power bar etc

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After playing ME1 and ME2, jumping right away into ME3 hurts. Literally, I mean, my eyes. Why are the letters/HUD so **bleep** small on high resolutions?

I have an LCD, so lowering the resolution isn't an option, cause you know how it is with native resolution and stuff, it will hurt my eyes even more.


Anyway, how do I increase the size of at least the letters? After an hour they become more and more unreadable due to small size. I won't even try to imagine what people with really high resolutions have to deal with.

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Re: HUD size - letters, power bar etc

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I agree. In ME2 the HUD scaled properly with higher resolutions but in ME3 at 1920x1080 it's fairly unreadable. There may be a solution, but I can't say I felt that it did a lot of difference for me, and it does involve changing game files in a manner that might trigger an anticheat ban if you play online (I haven't played the multiplayer part of ME3, so I can't really say).


DISCLAIMER: This is a potentially dangerous operation that modified game files and may, if not done properly, break your game. So make sure to have a backup of the original Coalesced.ini file as it was before tampering, so you can restore the game's function if broken. If you're going to play online, always switch back to your unmodified Coalesced.ini before playing, unless you want to tempt the anticheat system.


To implement the tweak you will need Wenchy's Coalesced.ini editor and change two parameters in the section [biogame.ini > sfxgame > biohud]. The parameters are safearearatiox and safearearatioy. They default to 0.05. Changing both to 0.10 or higher (I set mine at 1.0) should double the HUD size, but it doesn't seem to go higher than double, whatever the number you enter, as long as it's at least 0.10.


The Coalesced.ini file you will need to edit (remember: backup!) is in the BIOGame\CookedPCConsole folder below whereever you installed ME3.

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Re: HUD size - letters, power bar etc

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I changed safearearatiox and safearearatioy, but nothing has changed. Is there other way to increase hud size?

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Re: HUD size - letters, power bar etc

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According to BioWare, modifying the Coalesced won't result in a ban as long as it doesn't lead to an unfair advantage in multiplayer. I've heard that BioWare no longer bans cheaters in multiplayer anyway, so you're probably safe.


I'll try that fix myself. The HUD size has been bothering me for a while. I once sent a private message to former BioWare employee Chris Priestly, and he acknowledged the issue, but said it was low priority.


Edit: This didn't work. I tried several values and even tried setting DesignerHUD to False, but my HUD is still the same size.

I don't work for EA.

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Re: HUD size - letters, power bar etc

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I'm sorry I had to bump this old thread.


I have the same issue with the HUD size. Its too small, even though I'm close to my monitor. I tried modding the Coalesced but I'm getting zero changes in game. I tried 0.01, 0.10, 0.11, 0.20, HUD stays the same.


HUD simply doesnt scale based on resolution. I love Mass Effect but it doesnt get stupider than that...



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