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Game runs poorly on Steam

by n7legiion

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Re: Game runs poorly on Steam

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"Working as intended"


Hopefully the Steam community keeps up the pressure, then maybe we'll see some of these issues (new and old) get addressed.   Would be good to demonstrate to the community that they stand by their products, especially given the highly-rumored ME Trilogy remaster "coming soon".

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Re: Game runs poorly on Steam

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Ah, that sums up then. Neither the EA and the Steam support could help, even if it's an issue related to Origin. We'd have to wait till it gets fixed at some point. Thanks for the replies.

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Mass Effect 3 STEAM FPS drops

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Hello Guys,


For me and many others the joy of the ME3 release on Steam quickly vanished when we realized that the game had heavy FPS drops. At this point it is basically safe to say that the problem is the Origin Ingame Overlay (Game runs perfectly if you got a version without the Overlay). Now you may think ok then just disable the Overlay. Thats where the real problem is. You can't disable the Overlay for games purchased via Steam. Even if you turn it off in the Origin Settings it will still be active (pressing Shift + F1 still opens up the Overlay). 


Does anyone have some ideas how you could force the Overlay to be deactivated? I don't expect a fix from EA so some workaround is our only hope I guess.


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Re: Game runs poorly on Steam

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I hope that you keep pushing forward to EA Support. Because i really don't want to rebuy it on Origin Store. I have issues in singleplayer and multiplayer.15-60 fps in vanilla game. Also i have fps drops in conversations. In conversations!!!

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Re: Mass Effect 3 STEAM FPS drops

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Same here. Vanilla game is very unstable on Steam. I've tried putting priority on high, tried disabling origin overlay (but it doesn't want to be disabled, despite the option being checked it still pulls up with shift + F1), tried verifying files, tried various resolution options (fullscreen, windowed, borderless), no dice. Tried disabling all background processes, no change. Tried re-install, no change. The problem will be solved if EA replace Thin version of Origin store to Normal version. Because overlay can be disabled only in Normal version of this store.

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Re: Mass Effect 3 STEAM FPS drops



I can test this because I don't own the ME3 Steam version.


  • Press the Windows key > Write "Services" (without the quotation marks)
  • Click on "Services" in the search results.
  • Search for "Origin Client Service" in the list.
  • Right-click on the "Origin Client Service".
  • Properties > Start Type > Change to "Disabled" - Service Status (below) > Click Stop > Apply! (OK)
  • Do the same with the "Origin Web Helper Service".
  • Restart the PC > Test.

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Re: Mass Effect 3 STEAM FPS drops

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@Holger1405 I tried it and it does not work :/ Thanks for the idea though
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Re: Mass Effect 3 STEAM FPS drops

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Hey everyone, 


I have merged a few post together here as its about the same issue.


Regarding performance could you upload dxdiag to us so we can see what hardware and drivers you have. 


In the mean time I'm sending this up to my teams. 







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Re: Mass Effect 3 STEAM FPS drops

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@EA_Atic here is my dxdiag

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Re: Game runs poorly on Steam


@kron1234554321 wrote:

The official EA support stance on this is "It's a Steam issue". So, no. There is no way to solve it at this time.



That's some strange logic right there. This issue existed before the Steam release, and this isn't the first case of Origin in-game causing performance issue. Dragon Age Inquisition is the reverse case, where disabling Origin in-game increases load times. EA should just fix their software already.


If they can't fix it, I see two options: Remove the Origin requirement, or don't sell on Steam.

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