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Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

by SolNebulas

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Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

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My name is Autokratia and as the title explain I simply cannot manage to connect to EA servers when I enter the game through Origin. I'm playing the N7 Digital Deluxe version of the game for PC. Specifically when I enter inside the game in the main menu it starts to connect but after some seconds it freezes and say "ME3 servers are unavailable at this time, please try again later". This is so strange as I had this problem several weeks ago and does not seem to change. The strange thing though is that in the past (from D1 release until September) I had not problem at all playing MP and get connected to the servers with the same computer and same internet connection. So I really don't know what happened...Maybe an Origin update changed something???


My operative system is Windows 7 64bit


This is what I tried:


- Uninstall/reinstalled both Origin and the game

- Repair the installation as well as checked to have latest update (via Origin)

- Checked that it had windows firewall exception

- Run the program as administrator


No improvement at all. As I said the strange thing is that in the past I was able to play without problem with the same internet connection and the same computer. I don't know what changed. As a side note I don't have this problem with Steam so I'm not really sure where the problem is. Origin seems to connect just fine but the game no.


Please I need help as I cannot play MP as well as future DLC which require online connection to EA servers.


Thank for your attention.

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Re: Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

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When you say "Run the program as administrator", do you run as administrator only origin or the game ?

If just one of them, try to run the both as administrator (and so check if the both are in the firewall's exception).


There's a solution to this, you can run the game without Origin and with a exe crack, but I don't really know if EA accept this, but many players do it.

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Re: Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

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I run both Origin and ME3 as administrator but this does not change anything. I also cleaned all temp files in Appdata because i saw somewhere it was suggested but again still the same problem and really don't know what to do. Thanks for the tip but really i would like to avoid getting banned because of cracking a game i bought.


Still i cannot manage to connect to EA servers.

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Re: Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

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So I just can advise you to contact EA support ...

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Re: Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

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I am in the same situation. Did the connection issues occur since you purchased the new DLC? what internet provider do you use?

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Re: Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

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Sigh i really don't know what to do i sent an email to EA help center and still after 48 hours no answer.......i also disabled both firewall and antivirus in the desperate attempt to connect to the servers. I really don't know what to do.......


I noticed that this problem started on September and don't think it is connected with any DLC. Although i remember an Origin update in the beginning fo that month.....i really don't know.

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Re: Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

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Do you try to reboot your internet connection ?


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Re: Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

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Frown yeah i did it i unplugged totally my modem and left it off for 5 minutes just to be sure. No good still get the "ME3 servers currently unavailable: please try again later". I really appreciate your help though....still better than the silence of EA "Help" team which has not provide any answer for a game i paid and should be able to play. I still doubt that is a problem on my connection because i have no problem when connecting to Steam servers. Thanks anyways

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Re: Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

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On the BSN (Bioware Social Network), the first thread about this, advised that:


    • Make sure your personal firewall is configured to allow Mass Effect 3 (Demo or Full game) to communicate to the internet.


    • Enable UPNP on your router. 


    • Manually open UDP port 3659 and 6000  on your router to allow inbound and outbound traffic. 

Please consult your router or personal firewall documentation for information on how to allow game related traffic on these ports. If you are attempting to play on a corporate internet connection, contact your network administrator."



As I'm not an expert, it's difficult to find the solution of the main issue of this game.
The best would be to fix it once and for all, but will they work on this and/or is it possible, I don't even know.


Something I know for clearing the DNS cache and provide you a new IP (but probably the same as a reboot) is this:


-Windows key +R

-Type: cmd

-Type these commands in order:

  1) ipconfig /flushdns

  2) ipconfig /release

  3) ipconfig /renew



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Re: Cannot connect to EA server (PC)

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None of this will actually fix the problem. Simply you cannot connect to the EA Servers. After initial strtup of ME3 and the attemt by ME3 to connect to the EA servers the Msg " Error The Mass Effect 3 server is unavailable at this time. Please Try later. Then it says OK which you click and after some delay eventually it goes back to the game menu. Then you can actually play ME3 but without any access to most of the DLC that hass been paid for and installed. I can't access. The message Unable to authorize the licted DLC. Please log in to the Alliance Network with the account used to purchase the DLC. From Ashes, Leviathan and Firefight pack.


I have been in touch with EA support and they advised to do what you have listed re the DNS cached. Have passed that info on to the Bioware Forum for others to to try but so far that does not work.


Very disappointing that EA do not appear to be bothered in trying to resolve this problem. 

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