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Problems installing ME2 DLCs - NCRC?

by B_Dannenmann

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Problems installing ME2 DLCs - NCRC?

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so far I downloaded the DLCs of the Cerberus Network:




which installed just fine.

I also downloaded:



which I couldn't install. I always get the same error:


I tried using the named NCRC command but with no effect. The error just pops up anyway.


I was going to buy the Kasumi DLC but as long as I'm not able to install all I have so far and as long as I get the impression that this DLC also might not work (Why do I have this impression?) - well so long I sadly won't.


I hope someone can help me with that.

Btw: I originally planned on emailing the support-team a MSinfo file but I couldn't find any link to do so. Is this forum along with the empty chat the only way to contact the support team?


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