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[PC] Importing a save file from Mass Effect 1

by Fred_vdp

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Re: [PC] Importing a save file from Mass Effect 1

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Thanks for the help dude!
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Re: [PC] Importing a save file from Mass Effect 1

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I own the Mass Effect Trilogy on PC for Origin. I played the trilogy back in 2015 and had no issue importing my save file last time using the config tool. Decided to play the series again over break and for some reason this tool isn't working (Whenver I open the game, despite having tried both paths, it still shows that no save files were found). I've also tried the method of creating an ME1 folder within the ME2/Save folder and simply moving the files, but to no avail. Only variable in effect here is that I purchased the DLC for the game, and am using the ALOT textures mod. Anyone know what the issue may be? I just really wanna play my damn game...

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Re: [PC] Importing a save file from Mass Effect 1



Do you use "onedrive" and if so, did it changed the location of your standard "Documents" folder?

Did you tried to run the game and Origin as Administrator?


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Re: [PC] Importing a save file from Mass Effect 1

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Posting this just in case anyone in the future is searching for an answer to this issue.


I own a copy of the Mass Effect Trilogy on Origin and attempted to import my ME1 save using MassEffect2Config.exe and ended up with the same issue I have seen other users mention. The import was successful as it created the proper folder and copied the correct file, but when attempting to start ME2 it would sync to the cloud and then fail to launch.


The fix was extremely simple and did NOT require uninstalling or manually moving files. First you should follow the steps to import your ME1 save file using MassEffect2Config, and then simply view the game in My Library within Origin and then choose "Repair" in the Settings menu (in my version of Origin in April of 2019 this is a "gear" icon beneath the "Play" button). Once it is finished your game should run just fine and your save file will be available to import when starting a new game.

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Re: [PC] Importing a save file from Mass Effect 1

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Thanks much was confuzzeled and it worked swimingly

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