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Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

by Copperwings

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Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

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I have (and have for a number of years, had) the CE of ME2 registered through Origin. I also have all of the ME2 DLC purchased through the Bioware website.


However, this morning, Origin has started trying to redownload all of the ME2 DLC.... again.... even though it's already there.


Whenever I launch Origin, 10 "Choose Your Language" install windows pop up immediately. No matter whether I choose to "Accept" and redownload (which then fails to install), or "Cancel" all of the windows, if I close and relaunch Origin, the same ones appear again.


I've tried removing all of the old DLC to see if allowing it to completely reinstall the DLC will work, but Origin just tries again the next time it's launched.


What can I do to convince Origin I *have* all of the DLC installed (and working) and that it doesn't need to keep trying everytime I want to play an(y) EA game?

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Accepted Solution

Re: Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

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Community Manager

Heya everyone,


We would like to ask you all to opt-in for Origin beta updates and install the latest (9.1.3) update. In order to do so, please follow these steps:


1. Open Origin

2. Click on Origin > Application Settings

3. Select the "General" tab and scroll to the bottom

4. Under "Origin Beta Participation", please check "Update to the beta version if available".

5. Confirm the selection by clicking on "Done"

6. Exit Origin

7. Open Origin again and wait for the client update to progress.


Afterwards, please fire up Mass Effect 2 again and let us know if this resolves your issue with the DLC.


Thank you very much in advance!


Note: I have marked this post as solution to increase visibility for the update. However, should you still be experiencing issues afterwards, please do not hesitate to make us aware.

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Re: Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

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I have the exact same problem. When I launch Origin I get literally 10 Origin popups asking me what language I want to install something in. I had ME2 installed (plus dlc through BSN), but since of these popups I downloaded all the dlc again through Origin. However, pressing install didn't work. Fine, I thought, they're already installed since I downloaded them through BSN. 


So I removed ME2 from my system, downloaded it again, installed it. Then I downloaded all the dlc through Origin too. But no, same problem. All dlc downloads, but the install button just flickers when pressed and nothing happens. Same in game details, the install button behind the dlc does nothing. But the Origin store correctly states what dlc I own:


- ME2 Digital Deluxe

- Aegis Pack

- Blood Dragon Armor

- Collector's Weapon and Armor

- Equalizer Pack

- Firepower Pack

- Incisor Sniper Rifle

- Kasumi - Stolen Memory

- Lair of the Shadow Broker

- Arrival

- Overlord Pack


When I try to start ME2 now, it shows a warning since "it's still busy downloading", while the download is at 100%. However, I can still play the game. After logging in in the menu I tried to load up my old save but there's another problem now: Apparently I have missing content! These can't be found:


- Normandy Crash Site

- Zaeed

- Firewalker Mission Pack


I think it's safe to assume the Cerberus weapons/armor and the Arc Projector aren't downloaded and/or installed either as they're all features of the Cerberus Network. Which, might I add, I have. I can see why my game says I don't have them, though: you didn't put them in the Origin store so I'll probably have to install them from BSN.


So yeah, please fix the popups every single time I open up Origin. It's ridiculous. And secondly; if you're going to add the dlc on Origin, do it right and don't leave out a few. 


edit: Origin Version - 198678

I now accepted all downloads and paused them right away so it's not a giant popup spam when I open Origin. As they just stay in the download list, it's an all right temporary solution. Everything is downloaded and installed through Origin, I didn't install BSN dlc. I'll just wait for a fix.

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Re: Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC


I have the same problem. I installed ME2 from the disc but registered it in Origin as a backup. I contacted official support through the live chat and they said it shouldn't download automatically if you don't check "keep games up to date" in the Origin settings. The box, however, has always been unchecked, which means Origin is now downloading stuff I already have without my permission.


I only use Origin to launch ME3. ME3 forces me to use software I shouldn't need which downloads DLC I already have for a game that I never even launch through Origin.

I don't work for EA.

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Re: Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

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Me too, every single DLCs is downloading.

I must cancel them all every time.


Some of them don't re-appear cause they managed to get download again.(The 20 mb and under ones)

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Re: Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

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I have this problem too. Every time I start Origin it starts downloading Mass Effect 2 DLC that I had already installed on my own. What's worse it's that once it finishes downloading, the install button doesn't work and the next time I start Origin it will try to download the same DLC again.

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Re: Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

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Me too. It's annoying as hell. The irony isn't lost on me that Origin is attempting to assume direct control of ME2, but it's still stupid as all hell.

I made a thread a few days ago on the Bioware forums here:

The fact that Origin thinks it's okay to run around on your PC and try to assume control of everything EA-branded on your hard drive is just ridiculous, and furthermore that behaviour is typically indicative of spyware programs. Whichever programmer thought that this would be a good idea deserves to be fired.

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Re: Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

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To say the Origin is "taking control" of all the EA games on your system might be a little misleading or a slight over reaction. Origin isn't downloading anything without permission, it's simply asking whether it should download something it thinks we're entitled to but don't have (i.e. it's either confused or stupid)

The problem we're all having is, I highly suspect, *not* intended and is merely a (very annoying) bug. One which will hopefully be resolved once enough people raise the issue.

There may, for the moment, be a less than ideal workaround. If you start the downloads and then pause them (this is easier to do one at a time from the game details screen) then Origin won't ask you to start the downloads again the next time it's launched. This *does* result in a warning when you start ME2 but (FOR ME, AT LEAST) it seems this can be safely ignored.
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Re: Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

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Origin isn't asking me anything. It justs downloads without warning. I even have the "allow automatic updates" box unchecked and it still downloads this without a prompt. This happened with ME3 as well, which downloaded all the DLC without asking first. That wasn't as big a problem, because I didn't already have the DLC, except for the soundtrack.


I think the problem is that they moved DLC management to Origin and that it automatically checks the default folder for Origin downloads, while ME2's downloads are somewhere else. I uninstalled ME2 and will just reinstall it through Origin, but I wish I didn't have to go through this hassle.


Anyway, I contacted official support and they said they will pass it on.

I don't work for EA.

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Re: Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

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Then it's different for you, it's not asking me anything at all. It is very, very much downloading a very great deal of "things" completely without permission, and without even notifying me that it's doing that too - The first time I was tipped off by how slowly my ME3 game was launching. I opened it up, and there it is downloading away at every single DLC ever released for ME2.

It is neither misleading or an overreaction. It is simply a statement of the facts. Origin is attempting to assume control over programs it has no purview over, and this behaviour is typically indicative of spyware. Again, whichever programmer implemented this feature deserves to be fired.

I cannot even play ME3 because every now and then despite the downloads being cancelled it'll attempt to resume them, resulting in massive FPS drops. And literally nothing happens once the downloads are complete, and duplicating multiple gigabytes of data is hardly a good idea anyways.

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Re: Origin Redownloading ME2 DLC

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Same problem.

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